ADOT board meets in Kingman

The Arizona Department of Transportation Board met in Kingman Friday to discuss a number of highway projects in Kingman and Mohave County.

In action Friday, the board awarded a $537,881 contract to improve the flood control and drainage under the Frees Wash bridge on Interstate 40.

The bridge is located about 10 miles east of Kingman, ADOT District Engineer Sam Elters said.

The board also approved the addition of a right-of-way to construct a multi-use pathway along the east side of Mohave Wash from I-40 to Kino Avenue.

ADOT will also landscape the pathway, Elters said.

The four-lane widening project on Highway 93 south of I-40 was also discussed.

The board combined a $2.962 million project at milepost 91 on the highway into the seven-mile section of the highway at Kabba Wash at milepost 96.

The funds earmarked for the section at milepost 91 would be returned into the 2004 fiscal year pavement preservation fund.

The Kabba Wash section also saw its project increased by more than $5 million to $26.77 million, Elters said.

Another section of the Highway 93 three miles south of Wikieup was reduced by $1 million because of project savings.

The money was put back into ADOT's contingency fund.

The state board while in the area was also given a tour of highway projects in Kingman and Mohave County.

The state transportation board meets in Kingman annually as well as other cities in the state throughout the year.

At Friday's meeting, Elters gave the board a preview of other highway projects in the county including the Hoover Dam bypass project on Highway 93, an over-view look at the Highway 93 widening project south of I-40 and the installation of four more call boxes along Highway 93.

Elters also told the board of the vehicle message boards in I-40 and Highway 93 relating information to motorists of weather conditions or the Hoover Dam restrictions.

"It is the only highway in the nation still directly impacted from Sept.

11," Elters said of the Highway 93's traffic restrictions across the dam.

Other local highway projects included adding signs on Highway 68 warning of upcoming truck escape ramps and the highway's steep down grades, state Route 66 enhancement projects and the Mohave Wash project in Kingman.