Airport manager resigns

Kingman Airport Manager Bob Najaka has resigned his position for personal reasons effective May 30.

He has managed airport flight operations for more than eight years.

Najaka is a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel who managed the airport in Santa Fe, N.M., before coming to Kingman.

"I want everyone to know that I am staying in Kingman and will continue working with the Kingman Air and Auto Show," Najaka said.

"It is time to fish and build an airplane."

During his eight years at Kingman Airport, Najaka has seen a complete new lighting system installed with mostly grant money.

Some of the replaced lighting dated from World War II days when the airport was the largest bomber gunnery training facility in the United States.

The runway apron went through a preservation program and Najaka managed the building of T hangars, which have produced a rental income for the Kingman Airport Authority.

A new sweeper to clean the runways and improved safety for aircraft was purchased.

Najaka will complete his term as immediate past president of the Arizona Airports Association at the end of May.

The Kingman Airport was selected Arizona Airport of the Year during Najaka's term as president of the association.

Brenda Chastain, Kingman Airport Authority administrator, will act as in interim manager while the authority searches for a replacement for Najaka.

Bob Feagins, president of the airport authority board of directors, said the board has yet to have an opportunity to meet to begin finding a new airfield manager.