Display of vehicles for sale soon will be prohibited in city

This is the last weekend when individuals selling vehicles can display them on private or commercial property.

On Oct.

6, the Kingman City Council passed Ordinance 1392, which prohibits parking within city limits any motor vehicle, water craft, all-terrain vehicle, motorcycle, recreational vehicle or trailer for the purpose of displaying it for sale.

The ordinance takes effect Friday.

The City Council approved three exceptions:

• That one vehicle can be displayed for sale on residential property providing the property owner owns the vehicle and it is not being sold in connection with an automobile sales business.

• That the display is on property of a state-licensed automobile sales business operating in conformance with zoning and business permit regulations.

• That displays not on a licensed automotive business site has a city-approved special use permit.

This exception allows an auto dealer to use parking lots of other business establishments such as a bowling alley or shopping centers with a special-used permit.

Kingman police officer Carl Allen, who is responsible for zoning enforcement in the city, said the city followed the lead of most growing cities that are controlling the display of vehicles along major streets.

"The appearance of the main streets with the increasing number of cars displayed has drawn complaints," Allen said.

"Also, some car dealers have complained."

In 2001 the City Council passed an ordinance that prohibited parking vehicles for sale on vacant lots.

Permission of the owner of a commercial business was required to park a vehicle for sale on the property.

"That ordinance went part way and was impossible to enforce," Allen said.

"The new ordinance is enforceable."

The primary concern of the council was enforcement when Allen proposed a tougher ordinance Oct.


Mayor Les Byram said prior ordinances had too many exceptions, so a total prohibition was passed so it could be enforced.

"Our citizens have other options for selling vehicles that are not a safety or appearance issue for the city," Byram said.

Violations are misdemeanors with fines of up to $2,500, and each day the vehicle is displayed is another violation.