Girl harriers finish 20th

Kingman High School cross country coach Anne Bathauer was hoping the girls' team would earn a top 20 finish in the state meet Saturday in Phoenix and just barely got her wish.

Pam Erickson, who finished 14th overall, led the girls' team to finish in 20th place finish.

Erickson, a senior, made the 5A all-state team by finishing the Anthem Park course in 20 minutes and 19 seconds.

"I think she wanted to finish little higher, but she had a great race," Bathauer said.

"I think Pam really peaked at this race.

She had a great showing.

Just like all year long she put in her best effort and never backed down."

The team's No.

2 runner, Jesse Light, finished 83rd in 22:12.

"Her time was pretty consistent with what she's run all year," Bathauer said.

"She was hoping for a better performance, but she said she gave 100 percent.

If she gave her best that's all we can ask for."

Cindy Clark was ill and running with shin splints, but still finished third on the team at 150th overall in 23:32.

"Cindy Clark was sick with fever and chills.

She didn't run to her full capabilities on Saturday," Bathauer said.

"Being sick she ran that time.

That's pretty good for not being up to full speed.

"Hopefully next year and after track Cindy can really put something together.

She needs to get over the shin splints.

She's going to have to take time off and she's also going to get some orthotics and get fitted for some better shoes."

"Morgan Jones finished 179th in 24:43.

"Morgan had a kind of a medium, not a fantastic junior year," Bathauer said.

"She'll be running track and playing basketball.

Hopefully she can come in next season in great shape and run well, because she's is going to be the bulk of the experience."

The team's No.

5 runner, Mallory Garfield, finished 196th in 25:35

"Mallory ran with some pain.

Her hips were bothering her again," Bathauer said.

"She puts it out there and runs as hard as she can.

I'm always pleased with Mallory's effort.

"During spring she runs track.

She's a sprinter in track so coming out and running distance is a big thing for her."

Bathauer said she was pleased with the team's finish, but she hoped it would have been a little higher.

"We finished 20th out of 27 teams.

I was hoping for a top 20 finish, but as far as experience … we don't have a lot of girls who have experience at a state meet," Bathauer said.

"We ran consistently.

We beat all the teams in our region.

There are 52 teams (in the) state.

We ran in the top 20 teams in the state."

Mountain Pointe won the girls' team title.

On the boys' side the Bulldogs did not field a team, but four runners qualified for the state meet by virtue of their individual finish in the regional meet.

Matt Snay was the team's top finisher at 101st in 18:26.

"His time was consistent with how he has been running all season long," Bathauer said.

"I'm proud of how he did."

Cody Thompson was 11 seconds behind Snay and nine places back to finish 110th in 18:37.

"He's coming on really strong.

If he sticks with cross country he's going to do great things in the program," Bathauer said.

"If he runs in the off season I think the boys' program can do great things."

Ricky Kurtze was 126th in 18:52.

"Ricky needs to work on his strength in the off season," Bathauer said.

"He'll be the only senior next year.

He's already hitting the gym, because we'll need him next year for the team to be successful."

Chris Fildes finished 181st in 19:45.

"Chris started coming on strong on Oct.

2 weekend," Bathauer said.

"He kept on performing and improving.

For a freshman he has great maturity as a runner and a lot of strength."

All of the boys who went to the state meet will be back next season.

"We're hoping for great things from them," Bathauer said.

"They can, with some training and experience over the summer, they can do great things."