Man who killed his mother is sentenced to 21 years in prison

Robert Brown was sentenced to 21 years in prison Friday for strangling his mother to death.

Brown was sentenced in Mohave County Superior Court after Judge Richard Weiss agreed to a plea deal with prosecutors.

Weiss could have sentenced Brown to seven to 21 years.

If Brown had been convicted of second-degree murder, the maximum he could have received was 22 years.

Weiss ordered Brown to pay $5,433.26 in restitution to his mother's family, with 30 percent of his prison earnings withheld to pay the debt.

Brown strangled his mother, Cecilia Gloria Antipala, to death sometime between Dec.

24 and 27.

Mohave County sheriff's deputies discovered Antipala's body Jan.

8 rolled up in a rug in the bedroom of her Butler home.

Brown was arrested in Long Beach, Calif., when he was stopped for driving his mother's stolen vehicle.

After emotional statements from six of Antipala's friends and family, Weiss sentenced Brown to 21 years in prison.

A defiant Brown taunted his relatives as he left the courtroom, asking if they were happy and saying he would do 25 or 30 years.

Brown's attorney, Mark Sippel, asked Weiss to consider Brown's past abuse of drugs and alcohol.

Sippel said Brown was mentally impaired and currently on lithium, which is commonly used to treat bipolar disorder.

The so-called mitigating factors did not sway Weiss, however, as prosecuting attorney Jace Zack listed at least four aggravating factors.

"The defendant has done nothing with his life but be a predator upon women," Zack said.

"He's had six kids by five women, two of them he couldn't remember their last names."

Zack also noted, "The mental health exam says he was trying to fake his mental illness."

In statements to Weiss, Sippell described the situation that led to Antipala's death as "repeated frictions that finally exploded." Speaking for his client, Sippell said, "I was wrong.

I snapped, and then I ran.

I'm sorry."

Bob Roussel, Brown's older brother, said, "He stole years of a relationship I had with my mom.

To think about it, wrap her up in a blanket and strangle her, bragging about it to his friends, I don't see how he can be sorry."

Noting he flew from Florida to speak at his younger brother's sentencing, Roussel said Brown "was a 29-year old man verbally and physically abusing her.

If she berated him into being mad, it wasn't his house, he could've just left.

"I lost my mother and brother the same day," Roussel added.

"I don't hate him … I just want to make sure that he doesn't do a couple of years and go on with his life, because I'm not going to …"

"He seems to live off others," Weiss said of Brown as he sentenced him.

"The court is greatly concerned with his gang affiliations.

This is a disrespectful son who killed a caring mother."

Weiss also sentenced Brown to four years for aggravated theft of a means of transportation for stealing his mother's vehicle.

That sentence will be served concurrently with the murder sentence.

Brown could be paroled after serving 85 percent of his sentence.