City Council to hear flood report at Monday's meeting

Flooding that occurred in Kingman after severe storms earlier this month and ways to control future heavy runoff are on the Monday Kingman City Council agenda.

Staff will report on damage, fire department response and the engineering report for flood control.

The meeting is at 7 p.m.

in council chambers at the city complex, 310 N.

Fourth St.

A recent engineering study estimates cost of construction of a channel east of the railroad at $8 million.

Much of the flooding experienced after every heavy rain is caused by water drainages from the East Bench and Hualapai Mountain area that comes under the railroad and down Main Street and Fairgrounds Boulevard.

Water from the same East Bench area also runs down the east side of the railroad and crosses near Interstate 40 under the Denny's restaurant.

This channel, known as the Railroad Diversion Channel, would divert water that now comes under the railroad and take it north near Thompson Avenue before moving it into the Mohave Wash, according to city staff reports.

A 1987 drainage study concluded that the Mohave Channel basin drains 168 square miles from the Cerbat Mountains on the west to the Hualapai Mountains to the east and south.

The study area included 72 square miles in the immediate area of Kingman.

More than half is outside the city limits.

In other business, the council will consider a proposal to request a multi-year bid or signage recommend by tourism consultant Roger Brooks.

The cost could be as high as $500,000 over five or more years.

The revised General Plan has been completed by the Planning and Zoning Commission and recommended to the council.

The City Council will set dates for public hearings and study of the plan.

A citywide vote for approval is expected to be set in the spring of 2004.

A revised agreement for the golf course management by the golf professional is on the agenda for discussion and approval.

The consent agenda includes a proposal to rename the Tucker Street east of the railroad Tanner Street.

The portion of Tucker Street west of the railroad would remain Tucker Street.

The change would avoid confusion for police and fire calls.