Murphy has 2-to-1 cash advantage over Franks


Workers from Fibre Tech West Inc.

will continue applying a fiberglass adhesive to seal cracks in the pool surface this week.

The $140,000 project will eliminate cracking of the shell liner, which lets water under it.

"When the pool is drained for cleaning and repair, the problems get much worse," Adams said.

Newer technology and bonding agents result in a liner product that the manufacturer warrants against defects for 25 years.

"We put the current liner in 13 years ago and the manufacturers guaranteed it for 10 years," Adams said.

"We knew that we have been on borrowed time."

The Kingman City Council approved the emergency repairs from contingency funds in a January meeting.

Adams said city officials could not put the relining cost into the next budget beginning June 30.

Adams said he hoped the relining work would be finished by the end of April but that his big worry was Kingman wind.

"When the wind blows, the workers have to stop to keep debris from blowing into the liner materials," he said.

Just a few calm days are needed to finish the work.

Adams said lifeguard training is scheduled to begin May 8, which will be the first step to prepare for the traditional Memorial Day opening of the two city pools.

The Dolphin Swim Club uses the Centennial Park Pool for training and competition.

They begin swimming May 17.

The Dolphin swimmers have used the Wellness Center pool in the past when other sites were not available.The most recent figures available on campaign fund-raising show that Republican 2nd Congressional District challenger Rick Murphy has raised twice as much money as incumbent Trent Franks.

As of Dec.

31, Murphy raised $363,216 compared to $175,159 for Franks, also a Republican.

Democrat Randy Camacho raised $25,283, according to figures from the Center for Responsive Politics.

Murphy has an advantage because he contributed $250,000 to his campaign.

Individuals have contributed another $113,216.

None of his funds have come from political action committees.

Franks has donated $24,000 to his campaign, and $73,775 has come from individuals and $77,384 from PACs.

Camacho has not contributed any funds to his campaign.

Individuals have contributed $15,503 while PACs chipped in $8,000.

Another $1,780 came from "other" sources.

Murphy had $349,990 cash on hand as of Dec.

31, while Franks had $35,187 and Camacho $10,281.

In the 1st Congressional District race, Republican Rick Renzi, the incumbent, raised $662,773 and had $404,551 cash on hand.

Renzi's contributions from PACs totaled $397,177, with $261,291 from individuals.

Democrat Diane Prescott raised $153,926 before dropping out of the race in deference to former Flagstaff Mayor Paul Babbitt.

There is no current campaign finance report available for Babbitt.