Golden Valley on hospital's radar

GOLDEN VALLEY – People in Golden Valley will have some additional health care options, possibly within the next year.

Officials with Kingman Regional Medical Center recently purchased 10 acres on the north side of state Route 68 close to the Maverick market, a central location in the valley.

The hospital will put up one or more buildings that can be expanded, said Brian Turney, chief executive officer of KRMC.

"Golden Valley is a part of our service area, and with the amount of people living there the time is coming when we'll need to move some health care services to where it's more convenient for those people," Turney said.

Turney declined to disclose the sale price of the land.

A planning committee and the executive board at the hospital continue to evaluate services in Golden Valley, so it is uncertain when construction will begin, although Turney said he believes one or two permanent buildings will be open on the property within the next year.

Each building would encompass 4,000 to 5,000 square feet for primary care and ancillary services such as X-rays and lab work.

"Additional construction would depend on what other services we determine are needed out there," Turney said.

The building or buildings would be staffed with one or two full-time physicians with more added as the number and type of health care services increase.

Support staff would consist of nurses, medical assistants and a receptionist.

Turney said specialists from KRMC might rotate to the facility if there is an interest.

"According to our analysis, the area could support up to four physicians," he said.


(Charles) Lindsay practices out there with a couple of physician assistants, so they're meeting needs to a degree."

A significant number of Golden Valley residents now travel to KRMC for care at Cerbat Medical Center in the hospital's Medical Professional Building, Turney said.

Further evaluation will be done to determine whether an urgent-care component to services in Golden Valley would make sense, he added.

"At this point, we're still determining just what services to put in Golden Valley," Turney said.

"We're in the preliminary stages of evaluation, so we haven't set any specific timeframes or determined what types of services we'll need out there initially."