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"We want to reach out to the community," said Vicki Roehrick, who is organizing Paws4Cause.

"It's important for people to understand that when you take in a dog, the dog needs a reason to be there.

Too many people just stick a dog in their back yard and forget about it."

Roehrick moved to Kingman last October with her husband, Fred, when he was transferred to a manager's position with Fed Ex.

They had lived in Pocatello, Idaho, Vicki Roehrick's hometown, and she was surprised to learn Kingman did not have a service dog program, although such programs are in Flagstaff and Lake Havasu City.

The Roehricks left their dog "Tess," a 7-year-old female blue heeler and Australian shepherd mix, with friends for the move.

After arriving here, they learned Tess had disappeared and don't know whether she ran away or was stolen.

Roehrick hopes Paws4Cause will become a certified service dog organization.

"I have seen how the program works and how people come around that are exposed to it," Roehrick said.

A girl who had not talked in years began talking after petting a dog during a therapy visit (in Pocatello) and it blew me away."

In February, Roehrick took a first step toward that goal when she adopted "Tiara," a German shepherd mix that was about 1-year-old, and very timid due to past abuse.

Roehrick and several other dog owners meet weekly as they begin the process for certification through the Delta Society.

"Tiara is doing great," Roehrick said.

"I'm working with Manzanita school's day care program, trying to set up something.

They want a service dog in their program."

An important step will be taken when a canine workshop is held from 12:20 p.m.

to 4 p.m.


7 at Kingman Presbyterian Church.

Anyone may attend and receive information on dog obedience, behavior and the developmental stages they go through.

However, seating is limited, so reserve a spot by calling Roehrick at 757-9522.

Service dog training

Where: Kingman Presbyterian Church, 2425 Detroit Ave.

When: 12:30 to 4 p.m., Aug.



Vicky Roehrick at 757-9522

Cost of the workshop is $25, a portion of which will go to Mutt Matchers & Friends, Roehrick said.

Dogs should not be brought to the workshop.

Gary De Geranimo, a Delta team evaluator from Prescott, will conduct the workshop.

There currently are more than 20 teams (dog and owner) in Prescott, Roehrick said.

The certification process is fairly involved.

"They test dogs to ensure they have no aggressive tendencies toward other dogs or people and show no fear," Roehrick said.

"Dogs must be happy, pass basic obedience and a general canine good citizenship test that's a little more extreme than just obedience."

Roehrick added that the Delta Society also will certify cats and rabbits as service animals.

However, dog species not eligible because of aggression shown are rottweilers and pit bulls.

Mutt Matchers & Friends is a separate organization that tries to find people to adopt discarded pets.

Its Web site is

For information, call 565-4388 or 718-1055.

Flames engulfed and destroyed 18 boats Sunday at Topock Gorge Marina after the engine of a boat being launched exploded as it was started.

Trish Carter, spokeswoman for the Mohave County Sheriff's Office, said the boat's operator dove into the water to escape injury.

But his boat drifted into several other craft, igniting a huge fire that also damaged the marina.

No injuries were reported and the cause of the fire is under investigation.