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Russia's Putin added that his country's intelligence agencies support Blair and Bush on the same issue.

Lies about that issue were confirmed in the report.

They came from Ambassador Wilson and his report of his trip to Niger.

His wife did recommend him for the trip, in spite of his denials.

I bet no one apologizes to Bush for the Wilson lies.

Now for that missing name in the report.

Attorney General Ashcroft testified before the 9-11 Commission and took a grilling about the FBI and CIA intelligence failures.

Current heads of those agencies also testified.

Does anyone remember the testimony of President Clinton's attorney general? Where has Janet Reno gone? Last I heard she was going to become the new governor of Florida and boot Jeb Bush out of office.

Funny, she could not win the Democrat nomination in Florida and Jeb won another term by a good margin.

Some of you will remember that the first World Towers attack came early in her term in the 1990s.

That attack was treated as a law enforcement issue, and the culprits were put in jail nearly 10 years later.

Osama bin Laden sent another group in September 2001, eight months into the Bush presidency and eight years into the Reno watch, and took down both towers.

Reno was tough on the members of that religious sect near Waco, Texas.

Tanks destroyed it and killed women and children right here in the USA.

Oklahoma City experienced a major bombing April 19, 1995, during the Reno reign.

One of those responsible has been executed, and the other is in prison for life.

Rumors of a third person still float around.

Elian Gonzalez, a boy from Cuba, got to the United States at the cost of his mother's life.

Under Reno's watch, the boy was kidnapped in an early dawn raid of a Cuban relative's household in Miami by U.S.

law enforcement.

Elian was returned to his father in Cuba in what Reno called a child custody action.

Reno was an active attorney general in charge of the FBI for eight years.

Why was she not a prominent figure in testimony before the 9-11 Commission? Instead, someone appointed Jamie Gorelick, a top aide to Reno, as a member of the 9-11 Commission.

The report does add information and recommends some improvements to make the country safer.

However, the facts are all history and do not look at any of the changes in this country and the world in the nearly three years that have passed since 9-11.

It makes for good history and documents many things that led to the attack that September day three years ago.

National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice put the report in perspective with one simple statement.

No one had the imagination to picture civilized human beings flying airplanes and passengers into major buildings.

Remember Pearl Harbor?

No one could imagine any nation unleashing such a surprise attack on another country that was at peace.

The USA was at peace when Japan bombed us on Dec.

7, 1941.

No one had the imagination to foresee Hitler's massacre of millions in concentration camps.

Some people still do not believe what actually happened.

Imagination that would see these world events occurring in advance requires a sense of the evil in the hearts of some inhabitants of this planet.

Without recognizing that evil exists in some people, we shall never have the will or the intelligence to keep us safe.

If we choose leaders in this election who do not understand those simple facts, terrorists will gain strength and continue the attacks on us.

Most of Europe does not yet believe that.

Thus, they think the USA is the "bad guy."

One country does know the reality from 50 years of bitter and bloody experience.

Ask the citizens of Israel how to stop the bloody attacks of terrorist groups.

While you are at it, ask Sweden if they would like for Yasser Arafat to return the Nobel Peace Prize they gave him.

Marvin Robertson is the Miner's business/city government reporter.

The best vacation is one spent with family

Having worked at the Daily Miner for more than seven years I have taken many one-week vacations.

But my vacation of July 11-17 was the most special of them all.

My wife, Colleen, and I were visited by her 16-year-old daughter, Krystal Coleman, who flew out from Houston.

Colleen had not seen Krystal in 14 years since she was pressured into giving her up (along with Colleen's son Joshua) by the state of Texas due to serious health problems Colleen had at the time.