MCC rope course challenges citizens

KINGMAN – Demands for daytime use of a challenge ropes course at Mohave Community College are growing.

The Citizens Challenge ropes course was built in 2001.

Citizens Utilities donated the poles used to make the course and placed them in the ground, said Joe Fleishman, Dean of Continuing Education at MCC.

Twenty-five people were trained in the usage of the course originally, said ropes course facilitator Jim Crawford.

The increasing need for local groups that want to use it during daytime hours led 10 people to train as facilitators this past week.

The trainees went through a 40-hour week of training and have much more flexible schedules, which will allow them to supervise activity on the course during daytime hours.

Some of the course's low or "ground initiatives" can be located off-site, said Fleishman.

"We can actually go into the schools so they don't have to bus 40 children," he said.

"The thing we're most excited about is providing corporate training: teamwork, leadership, communication.

We are really excited about working with businesses to improve their skills in these areas."

"What an excellent opportunity for individuals and groups to find out about themselves and work on things they want to do," said Crawford, a MCC faculty member who was part of the original group of trainees.

"We talk to them before they come out to find out what their goals are and what they want to do," he said.

"It's very, very successful at motivating….

It's an amazingly safe course because of the set up and the facilitators' training."