Marvin's Window

Demise of family a concern, not words in a pledge

I looked out my window at a world that remained right for me after the U.S.

Supreme Court left "under God" in the pledge to our flag.

At the same time, the reasoning highlighted other changes in our culture and mores that concern me even more.

The court sidestepped the constitutional question after determining that Michael Newdow, the father, did not have custodial rights that would give him standing to sue on behalf of his daughter.

Newdow is an atheist.

His daughter and the mother are Christians, and the daughter attends church regularly.

The child would likely have been more embarrassed by her father's attitude about God and his court proceedings than by saying "under God" in the pledge.

However, the circumstances of the custody issue go to the heart of morals and the destruction of the family in our culture.

Newspaper reports describe the relationship between the father and mother as something close to a "one night stand."

The account I read said the mother, a Christian at the time, was divorced and stressed when she met Newdow.

The short relationship resulted in the pregnancy that produced the daughter that became the subject of the court case.

It was indicated that Newdow was not told about the pregnancy or the child until some years after her birth.

It is ironical to me that courts have ruled that the father has no standing whatsoever if the mother chooses to abort the child.

Courts say it is the woman's body and her choice.

If the mother had chosen abortion, Newdow would have had no recourse and no court case to go to the U.


Supreme Court.

When he found out about the child, he began a court fight for custody rights and did pay some child support.

It is unclear to me when this happened and what all the court issues were which related to custody.

After gaining some custody and some visitation rights, he initiated court action that ended in the U.S.

Supreme Court some years later.

It looks like Newdow, as an atheist father, does not like the idea that the mother is raising "his" child as a Christian.

There is no indication that Newdow and the mother have any kind of positive relationship outside the courtroom.

Custody battles over children are often bitter and become more complicated when the couple was never married in the first place.

Sex has become nearly mandatory from an early age in this mixed up culture.

I guess it is more than old-fashioned to recognize that sex does result in children.

That fact is ignored when the free sexual activity becomes the norm.

It is also ignored when the courts push same-sex marriage on the public.

That kind of sex has never produced a next generation.

The children they adopt have all been conceived in the old-fashioned way with opposite sex activity.

Of course, many have classified me as a "far right conservative radical" by this point in this column or have quit reading altogether.

I ask you to look around your community and tell me that the family unit is not basic to life in this city and state.

Can you imagine a community without intact families?

How about Washington D.C., where 70 to 80 percent of the children are born out of wedlock? No amount of money for social services and education can ever make up for the early childcare from a mother and a father in the home.

Of course, there will be some exceptions.

They just prove the rule.

Mother Nature is difficult to fool.

Some things just are what they are.

No hoping, no rationalization, no legal action or law can change basic life situations.

Each one of us had a father and a mother.

Those two either gave us a great start or planted the seeds of problems that became obstacles in later life.

What each one of us did as we matured and assumed responsibility for our own life is the stuff of success and failure.

Choosing parents wisely is the best decision anyone can make as a start on a happy and successful life.

Of course, I am responsible for me as I mature.

I can make the best of the situation given me.

But, I cannot change the initial circumstances.

When will we become rational and recognize some basic truth? Or will we continue to rationalize destructive behavior and cultural mores to make every lifestyle equal?

Courts and power politics can push this society beyond repair.

That reflection of the demise of the family in the Newdow court case concerns me more than the "under God" phrase in the pledge.

Marvin Robertson is the Miner's business/city government reporter.