City to divvy<BR>$580,000 in block grants<BR><BR>

"But personnel issues within the district are Mike's decision and the board looks to him to make them.

We have all the confidence in Mike and that's why he's running the district."

Ford's intentions are always to do what is best for children, Carlin added.

Word of Ford's plan to rotate principals surfaced in late January.

He said moving principals around the Kingman Unified School District would give them better perspective than what they would get by remaining at one school year after year.

The district office faxed a one-paragraph press release to the Miner on Friday morning.

It read "Dr.

Michael Ford has decided not to move forward with the principal rotation at this time.

The committee will continue to meet in order to develop a policy and leadership training program to accomplish his goals."

Ford was in meetings much of Friday and could not be contacted to explain the reasons behind his decision.

"I don't know if Dr.

Ford has called off principal rotation all together or just for the time being," said Mike Cobb, another member of the governing board.

"Yesterday at Cerbat School he didn't say a word about it and I didn't ask about the status of principal rotation."

Ford, Cobb and board member Jeri Short, who could not be contacted Friday, were at Cerbat Elementary when Gov.

Janet Napolitano visited two all-day kindergarten classes at the school Thursday.

Applications for almost $600,000 in Community Development Block Grants will be considered during the Kingman City Council meeting Monday.

The public hearing is scheduled first on the agenda for the 7 p.m.


The city's share of federal block grant funds this year is approximately $708,000.

The 18-percent allotment for administration of the program leaves $580,000 available for 10 requests totaling $1,628,084.

The major project would be rehabilitation of the Old Central Commercial building at Beale and Fourth streets.

Several business operations, including a restaurant, have expressed interest in locating downtown in a renovated Central Commercial building that was a major player in downtown in another era.

The application requests $500,000 of an estimated renovation cost of $785,000.

The city, through various departments, has applied for $210,000 to purchase a fire truck, $107,600 for three waterline replacements in

See GRANTS, Page 2A

the Southside area and $200,000 for two sewer line replacement projects in the same area.

Another city request would provide $48,000 for ballpark light installation at the Southside Park.

Two programs operated by Mohave County have applied for block grant funds.

Sarah's House Victims Center requested $35,000 to complete landscaping and parking-lot paving for the new facility in north Kingman.

Sarah's House provides victims services to victims of crime in the area.

The second county program is the Chat and Chow Nutrition Center on Airway Avenue.

The request for $40,000 is for improving restroom facilities.

The city has an ongoing housing rehabilitation program that upgrades low-income applicants' homes for safety.

That program would receive $15,000 to $145,000 depending on other projects funded.

The Boys and Girls Club is requesting $200,000 for a new girls gym floor and for improving the electrical system.

The facility is owned by the Kingman Unified School District and used by the school a portion of the day.

The school district would contribute $20,000 toward the new floor.

Grand Vista, a nonprofit organization that provides social services and referrals to other social service agencies, requested $160,000 to purchase a building in Kingman for an office for support, training and referrals for the area's nonprofit groups.

Also Monday, the City Council could finalize the purchase of 5.38 acres on Andy Devine Avenue for a new fire station and a retention basin to reduce flooding down Fairgrounds Boulevard.

Environmental studies found no contaminants on the site from an old gasoline station, trailer park and house.

The Kingman City Council meets in the City Complex at 310 N.

Fourth St.