Possible murder weapon found in swamp cooler

KINGMAN – Law enforcement investigators have found the gun they believe may have been used in the Dec.

26 slaying of Bonnie Cook, Kingman police say.

Friends of murder suspect Steven Cook found a .38-caliber revolver in their swamp cooler Monday when they were checking it for operation during warmer weather months, Kingman police Lt.

Dean Brice said.

Investigators believe that the weapon, which was found at a Hearn Avenue residence in the Butler area, was stolen from the residence of another of Cook's friends a few days before Christmas.

Ballistics testing is being performed on the gun to help determine whether it was used in the slaying of Bonnie Cook, Brice said.

Kingman Cpl.

Allen J.

Peshano testified in Mohave County Superior Court on March 4 that a blunt-nose lead bullet was found on the floor where Cook's body had been, and a bullet fragment was found behind the home's west-side door.

The home is in the 2000 block of Davis Street.

Cook, 41, is being held without bond in Mohave County Jail.

He is charged with first-degree murder in the death of his wife and attempted first-degree murder in the shooting of Bonnie Cook's fiancé, David Thompson.

Cook also is charged with aggravated assault and first-degree burglary.

Cook's omnibus hearing is set for April 12.