City, county, state continue work on wash pathway

KINGMAN – Local residents are walking the Mohave Wash Pathway even as construction continues.




Construction has poured the sidewalk from Beverly Avenue north past Kino Avenue within a few hundred feet of the city's Walleck Ranch Park.

Planting trees and shrubs and installing a water system are currently under way in the Arizona Department of Transportation project, Kingman City Planner Rob Owen said.

The banks of the wash are being reconstructed by ADOT with rock and steel for a waterway that will be less likely to erode from rushing water.

ADOT has widened the culvert across Mohave Wash at Beverly Avenue and added lanes to the street.

Walkways were constructed by ADOT from Harrison Street to the wash at Centennial Park and in front of the Kingman branch of the Mohave Library.

The city has constructed the $542,737 Walleck Ranch Park on the east bank of Mohave Wash where the pathway runs along the wash.

The neighborhood park will be a rest stop for hikers when Mohave Wash Pathway is completed.

"The Walleck Ranch Park will be the anchor and resting place for Mohave Wash Pathway and serve Kingman as a neighborhood park," Owen said.

"It is near the center of the pathway from Beverly Avenue out to North Bank Street."

Original plans had the pathway extending to Thompson Avenue, but Mohave County decided to end it just north of the Kingman High School-North campus.

Local residents can now park a vehicle at either Centennial or Walleck Ranch Park and hike the length of the ADOT section while they wait for completion of the remainder of the trail, Owen said.

The short distance of dirt pathway from the end of the sidewalk to Walleck Ranch Park does not deter hikers from making the trip between parks.

"We can follow their dirt pathway with the concrete sidewalk," Owen said.

The next step to complete the city portion of the Mohave Wash Pathway is landscape design.

Landscape architects have been asked to submit design proposals to the city of Kingman by the end of May, Owen said.

"The design contract should be awarded in June," he said.

"The design work will be completed so the city can begin construction sometime in the first quarter of 2005."

Owen said the Mohave County channel project should be completed by that time.

The county has completed the channel work from the north beginning at Thompson Road to a point west of North Bank Street near Kingman High School-North.

Channel work remains to be done from there across Gordon Drive to Willow Street at Walleck Ranch Park.

"The city cannot complete the trail until the channel work is completed by the county," Owen said.

"Mohave County has a grant pending to extend the trail along the east side of the Mohave Wash north to Bank Street."

When completed from Interstate 40 to Bank Street, the Mohave Wash channeling for flood control and the pathway system will add a recreational and desert landscape to what could become the centerpiece of the Hilltop area of Kingman.