It was an interesting year for KHS sports


The Kingman football team ended spring practice on Saturday morning.

Junior Herb Askew passes the football while being protected from the defense.

"It was fun," he said.

"I'm very pleased.

The kids are excited and enthusiastic.

They're buying into the things I want – effort and attitude."

The week's practices began with the team doing conditioning drills and learning basic play formations.

Saturday's practice wrapped up with a simple scrimmage.

Junior Herb Askew is shaping up to be the quarterback for next season, but nothing is for certain.

"This was more a chance just to get to know the kids and evaluate them," Weakland said.

"And it's a chance for them to get familiar with the system.

When we get going in the fall, we're going to start from scratch.

Everything is wide open."

The team can't officially practice until Aug.

9, but Weakland is trying to push the players to attend some clinics and camps over the summer.

He said he also wants them to focus on conditioning and working out over the summer.

"There's a lot of work to do," he said.

"They did some good things.

But we need numbers."

The team had 50 students available with clearance cards but only averaged 35 attending during the four days of spring practice.

Weakland is teaming up with Kingman Parks and Recreation to host a football camp for youth and high school students.

The camp will run Aug.

3-6 and will consist of morning and evening sessions.

The evening session will be for high school students and the morning session will be a youth camp.This one is for all the kids out there.

Actually, it's for all the Bulldog athletes out there.

The Kingman High School 2003-2004 sports season comes to an end on Saturday, when the last race of the state track tournament is complete.

I want to take this time to recognize all of the KHS athletes.

It wasn't the greatest of years for Kingman athletics, but there were a few highlights.

The girls' golf team won the region and finished seventh in the state.

Boy's basketball had a 20-win season, finished second in the region and went to the state tournament.

The wrestling team sent three kids to the state tournament.

The boys' and girls tennis teams qualified for the state team tournament, and both teams also sent players to the individual tournament.

The boy's went to the tournament for the first time since becoming a 5A school.

Adam McGerty went undefeated in regional play and won the regional championship.

The girls' tennis team went to their fourth consecutive state tournament and advanced into the Top-16 before being knocked out.

There were also several lows this year.

Several of the teams had down years.

Football finished 2-8 (but new head coach Jay Weakland was brought in to make a change.)

Boys' soccer coach Jason Miller was removed from coaching after taking his team to Hooters following a game in Phoenix.

Rumors about a possible hazing incident involving the boys' basketball team arose.

But the thing about sports is you always have next year.

To the seniors who are leaving, thank you for your efforts and congratulations on your achievements.

Several Bulldogs are going on to compete at the collegiate or junior college or community college level, and we wish you the best of luck with your college career.

Most of the senior athletes will move on, but their athletic careers are over.

To you I say, have you considered a career in sports writing?

To the rest of the Kingman athletes, summer is coming quickly.

Don't sit around.

Now is the time to get better.

If you want to have a more successful season next year, start practicing now.

To all the parents, your help is going to be needed.

You will have to push and prod your kids at times.

You may have to make time and financial sacrifices.

The City of Kingman Parks and Recreation is holding several sports camps over the summer, but that may not be enough.

The thing with the athletes in Phoenix is they have more opportunities to train and improve in the off season.

If we want the KHS athletes to be among the state's best, they need to have the best chances to learn.

That includes taking advantage of what Kingman has to offer, and maybe Phoenix or Las Vegas as well.

Brent Hinckley is the Miner's sports writer.

His column appears twice a week on Thursdays and Sundays.

He can be reached by e-mail at