Kerry isn't telling us the whole story

To the Editor:

I can't remain silent any longer! Kerry's last campaign commercial about his Vietnam medals was my breaking point.

I served in Vietnam from 1967 to 1968 as an infantryman.

I received a Silver Star and a Purple Heart.

My actions were not of intentional bravery in receiving the Silver Star; I did what was necessary at the time without forethought.

If I had taken the time to assess the situation, my self-preservation gene would have prevented me from acting.

I expected no award.

I was presented the Purple Heart for wounds while still in the evac hospital.

It took almost six months of recovery before I went back to duty.

As a result of the wounds, I am a disabled Vietnam veteran.


Kerry is from a wealthy family that entertained the Kennedys, and he went to Yale.

He couldn't get a deferment, so he enlisted in the Navy.


Somehow he ended up in Vietnam on a riverboat.

His actions as a commanding officer of said boat were against all military rules.

When he beached his boat and finished off the wounded enemy combatant, he committed a war crime.

We are better than that and no one I served with would have committed that atrocity.


Kerry was awarded the Silver Star for this action, not a court-martial.

Could this be because of his influential background? As an officer, he could submit himself for the award and who would refuse the request? No one that wanted to advance his military career.

The same holds true for his three Purple Hearts.

He never required medical attention for the "walking wounds" as he called them.

His time in Vietnam was only four months because he requested to return to the U.S.

under the Three-Purple-Hearts-And-Out rule.

My fellow vets and I were not aware of this rule.

How much research did it take for him to find this? Could this rule account for the "walking wounds?" You decide.

When he returned to the U.S., instead of helping the vets and protesting the war as a veteran hero, he chose to align with Jane Fonda and other radical groups.

He testified, before Congress, about the atrocities he had seen and participated in.

War crimes!

As an officer, it was his sworn duty to stop and report any criminal acts, so why didn't he? Why did he admit that he himself had committed crimes and was never court-marshaled? Some of the "Vietnam Vets" that testified on his behalf were not even Vietnam veterans! They had never been in the country, but yet they testified of soldiers committing terrible atrocities.

How could they know if they weren't there?

During my time in Vietnam, I never saw anyone commit the crimes that Mr.

Kerry and his friends have described.

We were soldiers! Killing innocent people was not done, and we would never "finish off" a wounded enemy soldier.

Not only is this action a war crime, but also it is against every moral we had.

It was a duty that our country called on us, as American citizens, to perform and we served with honor and dignity.

Please remember what a fraud and liar John Kerry is before you vote for president of the United States.

Daniel Brownell

Company B 3/22/25th Infantry Division


Golden Valley

Our children need assistants in schools

Last Thursday's headline in the Daily Miner read: Students suspected of conspiring to kill principal.

No, these were not high school or even junior high students, but elementary children, ages 10 and 11.

In Friday's issue under Crimes, I read of a 10-year-old arrested on felony charges of aggravated assault.

What is going on?

Also in the Friday edition on the front page, we read: School district cuts all teacher assistant positions.

Yeah, that makes sense.

We are having problems controlling and curtailing our students now, so the district decides to leave the teachers and educators empty-handed per say.

How many of these folks making such decisions have visited a classroom lately?

Yes, I admit, I am a bit bias.

I moved to Kingman just last year and was fairly recently hired by the Kingman Unified School District.

However, my anger and dismay has little to do with the job.

I am not writing because of my position being dropped.

I am not writing because I have children in the system, (thank goodness mine are grown).

I am one of the lucky few that was working for my love of children and not the money, as must many of the teachers, when reviewing their salaries.

I was an assistant until the end of this school year in a classroom with 24 students.

This is a kindergarten class, which at one time, held 26 students to ONE teacher.

This class also is an all-day kindergarten.

For those of you that have not worked with children, you may not understand the significance of this.

However, I have and do.

I understand how very detrimental this may turn out to be.

As it is, we, the assistants, are in the classes to help those children that may and will get lost in the shuffle.

Years ago, mothers had the ability to volunteer time – that is no longer true.

We are needed now, and will be needed next year.

We can go on and find new jobs, but how will the children fare? Your children.

Someone needs to take a stand.

It is evident that those making the decisions in this case are not concerned with the education of our kids here in Kingman, but the dollars.

Perhaps a pay cut for some of the folks at the top is in order so that the children might be served? If something isn't done and our children aren't cared for, what do you think the next headline might read?

I'm afraid to ponder it myself.

Vicki Roehrick "Miss Vicki"