Letters to the Editor

Stranded shopper gets a helping hand

To the Editor:

In the early morning hours on the day after Thanksgiving, my wife and daughter along with masses of early Christmas shoppers were taking advantage of the many special sales. Their trek for gifts took them to Kmart on Andy Devine. Just after 8 a.m., they emerged from Kmart triumphant, arms laden with specially-chosen gifts for loved ones. Much to their surprise, they found the car had a flat tire. With the gifts gently stowed, they pondered what to do: call home, call AAA or attempt changing the tire themselves.

A gentleman and his wife approached and remarked about the tire. Without much ado, the gentleman said he'd change the tire and went about the task quickly and effortlessly, my wife says, and finished in a matter of minutes. When all was done, he just simply said, "Merry Christmas" and walked to the store while my wife was still saying "thank you." I don't know who you are, but thank you, sir. Something tells me that even in the absence of Christmas spirit, you would have still helped a stranded shopper.

Kevin Nowicki