Mohave County Fair Association seeks new members

KINGMAN ­ The Mohave County Fair Association is seeking new members to help make possible popular annual area events such as the Fair, Home & Garden Expo and Hualapai Downs Horse Race.

"We would like to encourage the community to come out and get involved," said James Guillot, who is now in his second year as chairman of the Mohave County Fair Association. "There are a lot of new people in Kingman looking for something to do, and this is one way they can join us."

The fee for one year of membership is $10 for one person and $15 for a couple. The only requirements for joining are being 18 years of age or older and a registered voter in Mohave County.

Benefits of membership include free passes to all annual events and perennial free parking. "It really pays for itself," Guillot said.

Members also have the option of joining committees for the Home & Garden Expo, held in March; the Mohave Education Festival, held in April; the Hualapai Downs Horse Race, held in May; the 4th of July Festival; and the Mohave County Fair, held in September.

"People think that if they join they have to come over and work their butt off," Guillot said, adding, "Basically, there's only one duty yearly and that's to help elect the board of directors," an 11-member panel that manages the day-to-day operations of the fairgrounds.

Area residents may join any time, year-round. Once joined, members are also eligible to run for a position on the board of directors.

The Mohave County Fair Association is almost completely self-sustaining. Except for a minor grant from the county, which broke major financial ties with the fairgrounds in 1986, it is funded privately.

For more information, call the fairgrounds at 753-2636. Applications can also be downloaded at