Senator Kyl stops to chat with city officials

KINGMAN ­ U.S. Senator John Kyl briefly met with Mayor Monica Gates, Councilman Jim Baker, and members of city staff Wednesday night for an update on local issues before heading off to a meet and greet with the public at the Elks Lodge.

Kyl asked about the state of the city's water supply and how he could help the city in Congress.

Gates told the senator about how the city was trying to garner state-wide support for the Inland Trade Center and how she thought the project would benefit Arizona.

Kyle said his main concern was control of illegal immigration and that the latest data indicating that most methamphetamine traffic comes from Mexico was "one more reason to shut the border down."

"Money is now really committed to it," he said in getting personnel and equipment on the border to stop illegal traffic in addition to reforming employment laws to keeping illegals off payrolls.

Kyl added that in Congress there's left over business on the Patriot Act and making sure that current tax cuts don't expire.

Kyl said that disputes with the upper basin states, Nevada and California will continue to put pressure on water supply, and that he wants to continue to focus on some kind of regional authority to control pollution, save water and "make sure we get 100 percent of the water entitled to us."

Kyl also said he was concerned about consequences that could arise from overheated speculation in the real estate market.