Financial woes of club fade after community steps up

KINGMAN ­ With the summer season in full swing, the Kingman Boys and Girls Club appears to be safely removed from February's financial predicament with about 400 current members and consistent donations from area businesses.

"I've written a bunch of grants and talked to the mayor about the city helping," Executive Director Noreen Frisch said.

Frisch added that though she was uncertain about what to expect from those efforts, some businesses in the area have come forth with donations which are adding up to be of significant financial leverage to keep the non-profit afloat.

"Remax (Remax Prestige Properties) committed $25 on every land and home sale," Frisch said, indicating that Remax challenged all other area real estate companies to match their donation.

From the Remax pledge made a few months back, Frisch said she has seen monthly donations coming in that will probably amount close to $8,000 by the end of the year.

The Kingman Boys and Girls Club reached a crisis last February when it declared that it was running $60,000 short of its operating budget and had to do something quick to remain solvent, including increasing annual membership fees from $12 to $60 per member. Frisch at the time indicated that the organization was able to dip into its contingency fund to get through the lean times, but the fund was finally exhausted.

After news of the organization's predicament was publicized, individuals in the community and local businesses contacted Frisch with concern and offered considerable donations that helped to get the club out of the red.

For the short and long term, the organization seems to be financially stable, Frisch said on Wednesday.

"We have about 400 paid members right now, 220 paid $60 for the annual after-school program, 60 paid $15 (special program club membership fees for summer only)," she said, adding that about 80 members paid the $12 membership fee before the increase went into effect.

Membership for the summer-only program is an additional $25 per week, she added.

Frisch said she had about 12 or 15 members "scholar-shipped in" because of the individuals' financial difficulty.

Board members and herself make up for special members, she said, adding that the organization will do whatever it can to not turn anybody away.

"We're getting new kids every day," she said.

The Boys and Girls Club now is in full swing with the summer program that goes from Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.