90-year-old ball sitting pretty on courthouse

KINGMAN ­ A tin ornament about the size of a soccer ball is back in place on the dome atop the Mohave County Courthouse.

Five employees of the Dream Machine, a car restoration business, spent about an hour mounting the roughly 5-pound ball atop the dome Friday morning.

"It was bent up pretty bad and we straightened it," said Kayelynn Johnson, a painter. "It also had rust holes we patched and soldered it back together."

Johnson said the ball had fallen several years ago after sitting atop the dome for about 90 years. It is strictly an item of aesthetics and serves no function.

Pete Noyes, manager of Dream Machine, led the crew to the courthouse roof. Metal fabricator Brett Rhodes, electrician and mechanic Dan Green, painter Johnson, and painter's helper Shelby Johnson joined him in the effort.

The team bonded the ball on a pedestal on the dome with rivets and JB welding compound, Kayelynn Johnson said.

A high heat silver-colored paint was applied to the ball that should add to its durability, Noyes said.

"The only thing holding the ball in place before was solder, which came apart after 90 years," Noyes said.

While the ball had come loose several years ago, it was not delivered to Dream Machine until about four months ago. It was broken in two when delivered, Noyes said.

"Finding someone to fix and put it back up there must have been a challenge," Noyes said.