Letters to the Editor for June 21, 2005

Contradictory laws put cats in danger

To the Editor:

Listen up all you animal lovers, protectors of those who can't speak for themselves, lovers of God and those of you who value life: I know you are out there because I read your letters to the editor and I talk to you on the street, in the stores, or wherever we may happen to meet.

There is an introductory law out there that needs to be changed, and I aim to do my best to have it changed but will need some help, being that I am unknowledgeable in these areas of law.

Recently, our precious family pet, not even one year old yet, who has never known anything but love, came up missing. When morning came and he still was not here to eat, I called and called and heard him meowing in the distance. I followed the woeful sound and lo and behold, there was my loving trusting cat stuck in someone's cat trap they had set in their yard, not three doors down from us via the alley. God only knows how long he had been there without food or water. He pleaded with me with his eyes and voice to free him, but I could do nothing being there was not a gate on the fence.

I ran home and called a "peace" officer to assist in retrieving my grieving animal. Upon his arrival, he sternly informed me that there was nothing he could do to help me retrieve my pet, being that it was on private property and that trapping cats in legal.

I proceeded home to call my husband to come home from work to help in whatever way he could. Upon his arrival home, not then minutes later, we approached the woman's home and knocked on her door, hoping to reason with her and retrieve our pet. At this point the officer re-appeared on the scene and threatened to arrest me for trespassing and disturbing the peace. I went home, shaken and disgruntled to say the least, leaving my husband to handle the matter. He came home shortly thereafter and told me the officer had taken the animal to Animal Control and I could go for him in an hour or so, which I did, only to find that my pet had bitten and scratched the "officer" in his attempt to remove him from the trap, and now had to be quarantined for 10 days!

Fine! At least I knew in 10 days that I would have my pet home again.

What has happened to neighbors trying to know their neighbors and decently working together to come to a compromise on animal problems instead of putting an end to their lives? I understand the fact that you can't legislate love, but there is something wrong with a law that says cats are free to roam and not be licensed on the one hand, and then on the other hand, people at large are legally able to trap and kill these animals.

I feel I must interject at this point that my cats are neutered, are kept indoors at night, are taken to the vet when sick and well taken care of. I consider myself a responsible pet owner. I find it nearly impossible to keep a cat indoors 24-7.

Joan Gadbaw