Council starts work on $84 million budget

KINGMAN ­ City Manager Paul Beecher presented the preliminary budget for fiscal year 2005-2006 to City Council Tuesday in an all-day session that included the directors of all city departments.

City department directors each presented a budget summary for requests and projected expenditures that amount to an operating budget total for the city in the upcoming year of $44,225,311.

The total for budgeted expenditures that includes all special revenue funds, grants, debt service, capital projects funds, enterprise funds and internal service funds totals $84,666,408 ­ a 20.8 percent increase from last year's budget for expenditures of $70,177,080.

The $44 million operating budget is broken down into four totals:

• $22,744,1156 for salaries and personnel expenses;

• $11,533,821 for supplies and services;

• $2,935,235 for city and internal services, and;

• $4,527,139 for capital outlay, or city acquisition of assets, lease purchases and debt.

The proposed general fund for the year is $29,965,746.

The general fund is revenue generated from all taxes, license and permit fees, charges for services such as recreation fees, fines and forfeitures, grants and cash transfers.

Cash transfers are utility funds paid back into the general fund for administration costs.

The proposed general fund consists of a projected $13 million from city sales for 2006.

The city has proposed a capital improvements project budget of $28 million. The primary projects for the coming year are:

• $9.1 million for the Airway underpass;

• $2.9 for Bank Street widening to five lanes;

• $1.6 million for flood control;

• $4 million for water expansion projects;

• $3 million for Colorado River funding for new water resources;

• $7 million for wastewater upgrades at both plants, and;

• $500,000 seed money for small improvement districts.

The city plans to fund the projects by a combination of current revenues, new revenues and utilizing debt financing.

The city has two outstanding bond obligations: $1.8 million for the 1994 Airway Avenue construction bond and $2.8 million for the 1997 golf course refunding bonds. The city additionally has a $3.5 million balance on a state revolving loan for the wetlands project at the Hilltop wastewater facility, according to the city manager's budget message.

Beecher has proposed $198,420 in this year's budget for an economic development department as a growth initiative that would include local businesses to recruit new businesses to stimulate and diversify economic development. Money to fund the initiative came out of the council's budget from last year and would entail hiring a director and secretary, Beecher said.

"As we look to the future, something like this is necessary," he said.

The operating budget includes adding 22 full-time employees and three part-time employees at a cost of $1.3 million, all prompted by growth and development, according to the budget preview.

Positions listed include added building inspectors, a waste waster technician, court clerk, project engineer and public works inspector, assistant fire marshall, two civilian code enforcement positions with the police and a transit operator.

The proposed budget may be modified before proposal as the tentative budget presented to the council for adoption in the first meeting in June. Final adoption occurs in the second meeting in June.

The final step occurs in July or August, when council sets a secondary tax levy for obligation bonds.