Obituaries for May 5, 2005

Josephine C. Letze

Josephine Charlotte Letze passed away peacefully in her bed on Thursday, April 28, 2005, after a long battle with Parkinson's.

She was born in Sand Lake, N.Y., on Dec. 6, 1921, the daughter of Bessie C. Martin and Elmer C. Quell.

She was married to Mike Selne and was the mother of five children, two boys, Allen and Paul; and three daughters, Penelope, Marilyn, and Suzan. She was widowed very young in life.

She married Oscar Albert Letze and mothered one daughter, Rosemarie. She was widowed again.

She loved to experience all life had to offer, painting, drawing, jewelry work, and even published a book, "The Irony of It." She was actively involved with the DAVA, and sewed lap robes for the veteran's hospital in Prescott. Josephine was a DAV commandeer and was very proud of her appointment. She was very devoted to anything she was involved with.

Josephine leaves behind her sister, Virginia Perry; her daughters, Penelope, Suzan, Marilyn and Rosemarie; her sons, Allen and Paul; her grandchildren, Cindy, Michelle, Richard, Zyonda, Rusty, Crystal, James, Joseph, Ezekial, John, Jedona; great-grandchildren, Richard Donn, Cortney Lea, Tiffany, Lee, Ronny, Kenny, Sandy and Rusty; and three great-great grandchildren, Derik, son of Sandy, and Tiffany's two children. She also had three very special people in her life who were like family, Mary C. Steinfelt and sons John Erwin and Austyn Edward.

A memorial will be held for Josephine at 2 p.m. on Saturday at the Butler Sociable Building, 3630 Martin Lane, on the corner of Martin and Mallard. The DAV will be conducting the memorial. All will miss her.