Mediators aid couples with conflict resolution

KINGMAN ­ Divorce is often fraught with highly emotional conflicts, but there is an agency that exists for the sole purpose of making the process less painful for everyone involved.

The County of Mohave Mediation Center at 541 E. Oak St. in Kingman offers alternative dispute resolution for individuals seeking divorce. A portion of the court-filing fees for divorce is directed to the mediation center, which allows the center to offer its services free of charge. Couples don't have to file for divorce to participate in conciliation. Sometimes conciliation helps assist couples resolve their differences, avoid divorce and possibly reconcile.

The center provides conflict resolution for a variety of issues including visitation, child support, small claims and civil litigation, and school/peer mediation. Many of the services are aimed at reducing protracted litigation and helping families move on and rebuild their lives after divorce. The mediation center works on the premise that people can make decisions themselves, without being forced.

"We are currently settling about 80 percent of the cases presented to us," said Bonnie Kleiman, the center's administrator. To read story, see a copy of Friday's Kingman Daily Miner.