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11:10 AM Tue, Dec. 18th

Fallis: It was time to come down

KINGMAN ­ Several residents vented their anger toward Taco Bell management on Friday for making Pastor Kelly Fallis relinquish his rooftop campaign. Fallis, however, admits he was ready to come down.

"Everybody keeps going into Taco Bell and saying 'why did you make Pastor Kelly come down,'" said Lisa Kelly, executive assistant to the franchise owner, Krystal Burge, and also president of the board of directors of the Cornerstone Mission.

Fallis is director of the Cornerstone Mission homeless shelter and is campaigning to raise $1 million for the Hope Center,

a drug rehabilitation facility and program.

Kelly said she and Fallis originally agreed to have him campaign from the roof for two weeks. However, as donations trickled in, Fallis asked her to extend the campaign.

Kelly said she encouraged Fallis to hang it up.

"In reality, staying up there, it wouldn't of gotten the job done," Fallis said.

"In the grand scheme of life, they did me and my family a great favor. As far as my wife and children go, they're happy to see daddy home."

Kelly said that once the event made CNN coverage, she thought Fallis' effort had accomplished what they needed to do.

"He needed to come down," Kelly said.

Fallis said the two-week stint from the top of the restaurant allowed him to get the word out.

"I can't imagine any other place on Stockton Hill Road to do for me what Taco Bell has done," Fallis said.

"They have been very gracious hosts."

Kelly said Taco Bell partnered with the Cornerstone Mission to help Fallis to raise money for the Hope Center.

"The Cornerstone Mission is very grateful to this gracious community for their donations, and we're doing everything we can to help the community," Kelly said.