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7:28 AM Mon, Dec. 17th

Pearce: State's immigration problems real

KINGMAN ­ State Representative Russell Pearce, R-Mesa spoke of the problems Arizona faces regarding illegal immigration when he addressed the Kingman Republican Women's Club Tuesday night at the Elks Lodge in Kingman.

As he went through his speech, Pearce spoke about many of the common myths about illegal immigration as well as why he believes they're false. Pearce pointed to one myth that Americans are told, that the country couldn't get along without the alien workforce because illegal aliens do the jobs that Americans won't do. He discounted these rumors, saying that there are too many unemployed Americans, most of whom would be happy to work any job that pays a decent wage.

He went on to discredit the myth that without alien farm labor, a head of lettuce would cost over $3 a head. It is Pearce's contention that Americans pay that price now. "We spend about $1 in down payment and spend almost two times as much on healthcare, education and crime," Pearce said. Pearce said illegal aliens were the greatest threat to freedom and to safety. See

The most dangerous gangs, he said, were made up of illegal aliens.

Pearce said that the federal government has failed in securing the borders of the United States.

He said he is frustrated by local law enforcement who claim to have no authority to arrest or detain illegal aliens. According to law, Pearce said, local law enforcement has full rights to ask immigration status and to arrest and/or detain if immigration status is questioned.

Another way to slow the flow of illegal immigrants over the border is to enforce employment regulations. According to Pearce, many employers knowingly hire illegals and it needs to stop.

"We need to protect the law abiding citizen from the law breaking citizen," Pearce said.

Welfare is another big problem Pearce has with illegal immigrants. Tied closely to that is coming illegally into the United States to have their children be born U.S. citizens. Many young women will come in to the U.S. to give their children a better life, Pearce said.

On a closing note, Pearce said, "A nation who loses control of its borders will soon lose control of the nation."

A number of state representative and senators attended, including Mohave County representatives Nancy McLain of Bullhead City and Trish Groe of Lake Havasu City, and Sen. Ron Guild of Lake Havasu City.