Letters to the Editor Sept. 14, 2005

Thanks for helping Katrina evacuees

To the Editor:

My name is Cassie Stein. My family and I are displaced residents evacuating from the floodwaters of New Orleans to friends and family members in Los Angeles.

During our journey in the vehicle that Chris Donaldson, the first of many angels, loaned to me, it broke down. Now totally exhausted, we were towed into the Exxon station on Andy Devine Avenue.

With a large tow bill and very little money, I walked next door to the Comfort Inn and introduced myself to the next angel in this wonderful experience, the front desk clerk, Heather Barber, who automatically started to help.

She told my family to get some breakfast in their breakfast room while she called her manager, Susie Barboa, to discuss with her what the Comfort Inn could do in order to give us refuge.

I had coffee with the next angel on my list, a beautiful woman who after paying for our first night in Kingman wouldn't even give me her name.

Heather checked us in to the Comfort Inn and continued to seek aid for my family. We weren't in our room for long before meeting another Kingman angel, Kingman Daily Miner reporter Terry Organ. From there, Dr. Morgan and Dan Emborsky at Kingman Regional Medical Center got my family medication and helped us diligently everyday.

Robin Atkins brought us car seats, Marcia Beeccham took us shopping for clothes, Dana from the American Legion took us shopping for personal items and Tony and Deborah Santos loaned us their Yukon to get some fresh air and see the Hualapai Mountains.

Susie Green donated a very precious bear named Benny and visited us often. Papa Johns Manager Jimmy Bryant and staff fed my entire family and made us welcome to whatever they had.

Thanks to everyone there. Thanks to everyone at Chicago Title for their donations. Thanks to all the mothers and families for bringing endless baby items, clothes, formula and diapers.

Thank you to the families who came to the Comfort Inn to comfort my family and cried with me in the hallways.

Thank you to Suellen Stewart and Melissa of the Kingman Republican Women and Mike the tow truck driver from RC Towing for making us feel welcome the very first minute.

Sarah and Dave, thanks for the BBQ on Labor Day.

Thank you to Bob and Jeri Jackson, Nick and Rhonda Brooks, Barbara Wheeler, Ernest Willson, Dana Brock, Jerry, Joe and Susie Shelton, Kurt and Debbie Fetters, and Sally Cunningham for the beautiful quilts she made for each one of my family members, as well as for me.

Thank you to Salem's and Sons and everyone who wanted to remain anonymous.

To all the people who I didn't mention, thank you, too. I cannot express how grateful I am toward the people of Kingman for the help given to my family and me during our hour of need.

Thank you Kingman! We love you and will never forget you.

We are forever grateful.

Cassie Stein

New Orleans