County eyes in-law quarters

BULLHEAD CITY ­ The Mohave County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to direct staff to look into the feasibility of allowing in-law quarters on all residential properties within the next 120 days and come back with a recommendation.

District 3 Supervisor Buster Johnson requested this action due to the growing number of people requesting zoning use permits to have in-law quarters. "All around the U.S., due to population growth, economics, longevity, rising cost of houses and increases in valuations of real property, family members are looking for other means of housing," Johnson said in a statement placed in the agenda backup material.

Chairman and District 2 Supervisor Tom Sockwell said that he would like environmental control to be part of the feasibility study. Chris Ballard, Director of Planning and Zoning, reiterated the need to discuss the issue with several other departments. Planning and Zoning was given 120 days to lead the study and to come back with a recommendation.

On a similar note, the board denied a zoning use permit to allow a landowner to put up a secondary residence on his property in Le Clair Acres. His neighbor, Don Smith, once again got up to speak against allowing him to put up the second house. He said there was only one other parcel in the area that had two residences and that one had been there for 20-plus years. The owner of the property refuted this statement, saying there were several in his neighborhood, including one on either side of him.

According to Ballard, there were six permits in this area of Le Claire Estates allowing secondary residences. Staff further canvassed the neighborhood and found none near the property in question.

In regards to the houses on either side of the property, records show no zoning use permit had ever been issued.

The board voted unanimously to deny the zoning use permit. The board voted unanimously to approve the authorization of a policy "establishing approval authority for commitment of Mohave County resources to other government entities that request disaster assistance," according to the agenda.

The policy was passed with an amendment that allowed for clearer board input.

The board approved the setting of a public hearing on Oct. 3 to consider the adoption of revised Environmental Health Fees for Services.

The next meeting of the Mohave County Board of Supervisors will be on Oct. 3 in Kingman.