It comes down to one simple issue: legal vs. illegal

As I look out my window at the rain followed by blue skies and sunshine, I wonder why the weather is so confused. The conflict over the immigration issue has taken on a similar confused state.

I was shaken by the streets full of illegal immigrants waving Mexican flags in demonstrations led by American church leaders and Spanish-language radio stations. We have always taken pride in our status as a nation that assimilates immigrants; a country that brings all people living here together as Americans speaking English and proudly waving the American flag.

If those large crowds waving Mexican flags in Los Angeles had the courage to have demonstrated in the streets of Mexico City, their country would have changed and they could have stayed there. Why should the USA be responsible for the changes Presidente Fox and his government should be making? Why should the preferred employer for 12 to 20 million residents of Mexico be American companies located north of the border?

I believe the politicians are ignoring the reality of immigration.

Yes, we are a country of immigrants – a country of legal immigrants. Only in recent years has the USA been flooded with millions of illegal immigrants.

The key issue here is simple: LEGAL v. ILLEGAL.

Political pundits tell us it is a battle over the Hispanic vote. Are we that concerned about the vote of people who are not eligible to vote?

I see another huge population of Americans that immigrated legally or had ancestors come here legally in an earlier time.

I hear angry comments from these people.

“We did it the right way.”

“We have relatives still waiting in line after 10 years.”

Many of those people live in Kingman. My wife’s mother and grandmother came over from Germany and became proud immigrant Americans. Her late husband came from Canada and earned citizenship as a WW II American soldier.This is single example repeated over and over in Kingman.

Detroit is one of the many great examples of American cities built around (LEGAL) immigrants. My wife’s best friend is the daughter of Greek immigrants. Her friend’s husband is a Greek immigrant. They are part of a proud and patriotic American community of Greek heritage in Detroit. Name almost any country and Detroit has a population of legal immigrants from that country.

The latest is an immigrant population from Iraq and other Middle Eastern areas. We tend to think of them as Muslim immigrants, but a large segment are Christians that came to America from Iraq.

When are politicians going to recognize that this country of LEGAL immigrants is angry over the lawlessness that has resulted in 12 to 20 million ILLEGAL immigrants residing in the USA.


That tells me more about the issue than any argument made to date.

It reminds me of a couple moving into the house as weekend guests and staying on for three months. They kept reminding me that they had no place else to go and were willing to work. In the end, I looked like the bad guy because I put the welfare of my family first. The “guests” went around the community telling folks what I bad guy I was for making them move out.


It is time we all recognize the difference between a sound and compassionate immigration policy and the misdirected excuses for this broken system that is tearing the country apart.

Congress passed amnesty in 1986 to allow 1 million illegals to gain citizenship and stay here. BINGO. Four million came out of the shadows and took advantage of the new policy.

Twenty years later, we have the same problem. Only now the cancer has grown to as many as 20 million.

I wrote 18 months ago that Gov. Janet Napolitano would lose the governorship after she vetoed all the laws on immigration passed by that Republican legislature. Arizonans were and are angry about illegal immigration.

She has done a complete turnaround and become the champion for stopping illegal immigration. She took the issue away from Republicans with a lot of tough talk and little actual action.

The political winners will be those like Sen. Jon Kyl and Rep. J. D. Hayworth, who have taken a strong stand and have the courage to find a permanent solution.

Legal immigrants that built this country deserve that kind of courage from their elected representatives.

The weather outside my window will soon clear away and the Arizona sun will shine again. I suspect the political storms over illegal immigration are just beginning.

Window Pain

San Francisco claims to be the most tolerant city in America. They have banned smoking (tobacco) but supply free marijuana for smoking. The elected officials advocate cutting the military budget to near zero. The area voted to prohibit recruiting by the military. The local officials married same-sex partners in violation of state law and the marriages were ruled invalid. They went to the Supreme Court to be told federal drug laws override local laws.

Now they yell nasty names at a Christian group because Jesus and God have rules that San Francisco’s “tolerant” people disobey.

Will someone send San Francisco a dictionary?