Speak Up! - 10/04/06

Letters to the Editor

America is strong when we are united

The Bush Administration’s ordering of domestic spying shows blatant disregard for Americans’ rights and our Constitution, particularly in light of this administration’s covering up the Downing Street memo, suggesting perhaps he should be wiretapped. Apparently, the Bush Administration has much to hide. Of course, anyone suggesting this is branded un-American and possibly a terrorist.

Read the Patriot Act, a proverbial blank check granting free reign to detain/interrogate/arrest anyone and confiscate all their assets without charging them and deny anyone due process. Apparently, just cause no longer exists?

Our rights are quietly, yet systematically, being taken away, America, and it’s time to wake up and get involved before it’s too late.

Start by reading the Patriot Act and take note of upcoming “distractions” in the media intended to divert our attention from the present outrages. Rest assured, there’s more to follow.

Thomas Jefferson stated, “Dissidence is the highest form of patriotism.” Complacency will destroy us; united we stand. I love America and want her back.

Trudie Diamond

Golden Valley

Incorporation effort will go forward

There have been articles written in the local newspapers to discredit the incorporation efforts of a group that wants to incorporate all of Golden Valley.

We knew from the very beginning this was the proper way to proceed in incorporating the valley. We had good advice from attorneys, which was substantiated by Mr. Belshe of the League of Cities and Towns at a meeting at the charter school.

Our group used every suggestion to help us incorporate the valley. We told the truth about the moneys we were entitled to, once incorporated, and he substantiated those facts as well.

We intend to proceed with our efforts and plan to finish this endeavor.

We hope that this time the citizens of Golden Valley will pull together to form our own government here as soon as possible. When the developers get through with their plans, our valley will be larger than any other city around us.

It only makes good sense to have our own government and all of the necessities that go along with it.

Morton and Lorraine Tucker

Golden Valley