Tax Revolt faces setback

KINGMAN – The Arizona Tax Revolt group, started out of Bullhead City, has had to call back the troops and reorganize as they hit their latest setback.

Marc Goldstone, the leader of the grassroots effort to cap property taxes, is recalling petitions in order to start over after he realized an error in the initiative’s wording.

“We most certainly would have been kept off the ballot,” Goldstone said if the changes were not made.

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association alerted Goldstone to the error. As it stood, the initiative would have addressed both residential and commercial property taxes. The Jarvis group offered to donate $100,000 in matching funds to the initiative, but they wanted to read it first.

As they looked over the proposal, the Jarvis group noticed that the wording violated the “single subject rule,” Goldstone said.

The state Supreme Court has a “very narrow interpretation of the single subject rule,” Goldstone said, and as final arbiter of any challenge to the initiative would not go in their favor.

The initiative will now reflect a rollback only on residential property.

Goldstone said he hoped to be back on the streets within a week collecting new signatures. They will also have to hurry since Goldstone has set a deadline of July so the initiative can appear on November’s election

Goldstone said that he is planning “mass signing ceremonies” and estimates that approximately 1,000 people statewide are circulating the petitions.

Goldstone said that if the initiative fails, “Tens of thousands of retirees could lose their homes and more will be forced to sell.”

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