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Speak Up! - 04/24/06

Letters to the Editor

Maybe 2nd-class citizens could get a shot

All the fuss lately about illegal and legal residents in the U.S. leads me to believe that most people do not realize that immigrants who are granted citizenship are not granted first-class citizenship. We have about five types of residents in this country:

1. Native born Americans (first-class citizens)

2. Naturalized Americans (second-class citizens)

3. Legal residents (green card residents)

4. Legal visitors

5. Illegal residents.

“What,” you might say, “is second class about naturalized citizenship?” It is the built-in prejudice in Clause 5 of Article 2 of the Constitution of the United States: “No Person except a natural born Citizen, … shall be eligible to the Office of President. ...”

We seem to have problems finding supportable candidates for the presidency among our almost 300 million eligible citizens (how long has it been since you voted for someone and not against someone?). Perhaps we should look among our second-class citizens for someone more worthy of election? After all, they have passed tests to prove they can “read, write and speak basic English,” and “can pass a civics test,” and are “persons of good moral character.”

More than can be said of some candidates!

Dennis Ogden


Could you dumb it down, Sen. Kyl?

Duh, Sen. Kyl. Guess I am dumb, but do you actually believe the things that you say? I reference the article on the front page of the Daily Miner, Feb. 27.

You said, “We know as Republicans what we believe in. We believe in a stronger national defense, security for Americans, spreading liberties around the globe, strong protection at the border, providing good protection of our property rights, ensuring we are electing the kind of judges who will protect those rights, and trying to have as limited a government and the lowest tax rate possible.” Let’s take those items one at a time and see if we can make sense of it all.

1. “... stronger national defense ...”, uh, that costs a lot of money, doesn’t it? What does it buy us? More hatred of Americans than we have ever experienced before and a debt that will be paid for by our grandchildren.

2. “... security for Americans ...” I, for one, do not feel a damn bit more secure as a result of your stronger national defense. In fact, I feel less secure.

3. “... spreading liberties around the globe ...” How do you figure? Where has the Bush administration been successful in spreading any liberties? Let alone around the globe!

4. “... strong protection at the border ...” Since Arizona is a hot spot for border control, why are the Republicans (especially you) just now awakening to the fact that something should be done about illegal crossings? I don’t have the answer, but building a wall or putting more patrols along the border are no long-term solutions.

5. “... providing good protection of our property rights ...” You got me stumped here. What property rights? What are you talking about? The right to carry arms? The right to deny intimate sexual choices to grown individuals? More laws?

6. “... ensuring we are electing the kind of judges who will protect those rights ...” Gotcha now. You are talking about limiting the rights of the majority to suit the beliefs of a conservative Christian minority.

7. “... trying to have as limited a government and the lowest tax rate possible …” Well, forgive my ignorance. How does all of the above that you propose come about with a more limited government? And the lowest tax rate? I am just so stupid. Most of the cuts in the Bush budget have got to be paid by someone. Could it be that it will fall on the low to middle income to pay taxes for those cuts? Yeah, the rich can afford those extra “hidden” taxes because they are getting the break of a lifetime with Dubya and people like you.

For someone who has served four terms in the U.S. House of Representatives and been a senator since 1994, you have precious little to show for what you were paid to do.

Beverly E. Smith

Golden Valley

Kingman better off now than decade ago

Please, everyone, get out and vote on May 16. The Kingman mayoral election that takes place every two years is very costly to the citizens of Kingman. Let us stop throwing the taxpayers’ money away. Please make the right choice on May 16.

I have seen many accomplishments in the past two years and certainly am looking forward to the completion of the Airway Underpass and the closure of Louise Avenue, for the safety of all concerned. The ingress and egress in these subdivisions should have been taken care of 20 years ago, with all the homes being built in Vista Bella, Rancho Santa Fe and surrounding neighborhoods. I guess if one does not have a vision for the future then you cannot expect much.

I am excited with the new additions that have come to Kingman such as the Hampton Inn, Petco, Staples and Chili’s, plus all the new retail stores and services moving into Kingman. When I moved here 11 years ago, Wal-Mart was the “Big Super Event.” Thank you, Mayor Gates, for your vision and all you have achieved in accomplishments and improvements to Kingman for the past two years. I am proud to call Kingman my home.

Remember, one must never look back unless they plan to go that way. Let us keep moving forward!

Rachel Thalrose


We have been discovered here in Kingman

For several years that I know of, the Chamber of Commerce has been promoting Kingman and Route 66 outside of our city, hoping to lure tourists and the like to come visit us, stay in our motels and spend a few dollars. Many have checked us out and now they are on their way to make Kingman their home.

There always seemed to be a shortage of adequate housing here. The builders came, some were already here building a house once in awhile to eke out a living. Our mayor, Monica Gates, saw the future and has the foresight, and with the Council, is seeking and planning for the future, knowing that some day we would be discovered. It came sooner than anyone expected. She is not responsible for the big builders coming in from Las Vegas. She and the Council cannot control who buys or builds in Mohave County. Their control is within the city limits of Kingman only.

As far as the water goes, I am sure there is enough water for the city of Kingman for many years. I came from California, and when we bought a new house in a new settlement in 1963, we were told then there was a possibility we would not have enough water forever. We never had a shortage of water except when the state said we had to cut back due to several years of no rainfall. This was fine until the water companies weren’t making enough money due to citizens cutting back. So guess what? They raised their rates and then the rains came, but the rates never went down.

The county is going to have to control the builders and put restrictions on the builders to control water usage – rockscaping, no lawns, use of desert plants for landscaping.

To quote Shirley Judd in one of her letters to the editor, I too “am excited to be living in a city that is experiencing vibrant growth that will bring new commercial and industrial growth.” Regarding Veterans Day, I am personally sorry Gates was not in attendance on that day. I suppose there were many others who were not there. It is an important event for all of us. I was not there either, so shame on me.

Audrey Van Dellen