Board to consider set of land division standards

KINGMAN ­ In an effort to reduce wildcat subdivisions and random lot splitting, the Mohave County Board of Supervisors will discuss a policy regarding the standards used to evaluate proposed minor land division applications at their meeting Monday.

"We are seeing so many lot splits now," said Christine Ballard, Mohave County Planning and Zoning Department director, "that our agendas have increased tremendously. Therefore, we are developing these standards to speed up the process while addressing the concerns of the need for infrastructure. We want to make sure that we don't overload an area that may not be ready to handle the increased population."

As a result, the Planning and Zoning Department, with help from the Planning and Zoning Commission, have developed a set of standards and guidelines for the Board to consider so that decisions will have more consistency for applications for rural land division proposals, Ballard said. She said that the guidelines and standards would also help property owners in their research prior to filing for a land division and/or rezone.

Within the zoning ordinance, compatibility standards were addressed, including the relationships within different zoning districts as well as residential and non-residential land uses. Ballard said that standards were also set for considering land uses and the environment and commercial and industrial uses in rural and suburban areas. "Besides the obvious issues of land use in relation to fire and law enforcement protection and lifestyle issues such as housing density and parcel sizes," Ballard said, "we want to make sure that the transportation system and infrastructure will meet the needs of our present and future residents."

The Board will also discuss authorizing the submission of the 2006 applications for State Community Development Block Grant funds. According to agenda backup material, the county was allotted $612,363 of the state CDBG funds this year, reduced from the estimated $640,235 initially expected.

According to Susie Parel-Duranceau, Mohave County Community and Economic Development Department manager, all requirements such as special surveys have been completed for the proposed projects chosen by the Board earlier this year.

Approximately $110,223 will be allocated for the general administration and WACOG fees for the next two years and each of the supervisory districts will be allocated about $167,380, she said, when the CDBG Grant Application will be sent in.

The projects identified for this year are "District 1 ­ Purchase of fire engine for Hualapai Valley Fire District ($100,000); purchase of a rescue vehicle for Chloride Fire District ($40,000); owner-occupied housing rehabilitation project in White Hills ($90,000); District 2 ­ Construction of fire station in Golden Valley ($90,000); owner-occupied housing rehabilitation project in District 2 ($77,380); District 3 ­ Architectural design and reconstruction of the existing Golden Shores Civic Association Community Center ($167,380)," according to the backup material.

The Mohave County Board of Supervisors will meet at 9:30 a.m. Monday at the Mohave County Administration Complex at 700 W. Beale St.