Suspect sought drugs, cash

GOLDEN VALLEY - Employees of the Golden Valley Uptown Drug store had no idea they would not have anything resembling a routine day at work when they arrived Friday morning.

A man, identified as Cordon Lee Bauer, III, 34, of Golden Valley allegedly tried to rob the store of money and drugs. The incident ended with him being shot by Mohave County Sheriff's detectives.

"He accessed the roof and got into the ceiling, where he was waiting for the pharmacist to open the door and enter the building," Sgt. Rusty Cooper of the Kingman Police Department said this morning. "He then dropped down out of the ceiling and confronted the pharmacist and a clerk."

About 8:54 a.m., MCSO detectives responded to the scene in the 4200 block of Highway 68 in regard to an armed robbery in progress call. Cooper was not sure who placed the initial 911 call.

A total of four employees were inside the business, which was to have opened to customers at 9 a.m.

The suspect focused his attention on the pharmacist, demanding cash and pseudoephedrine, Cooper said.

Pseudoephedrine is an ingredient found in cold remedies that customers now must sign for at pharmacies. It can be extracted from the capsule and used in making methamphetamine.

Bauer allegedly was armed with a .45-caliber semiautomatic handgun. He reportedly fired one shot inside the business, but Cooper could not say if it was aimed at someone.

Customers arriving found the doors locked and some that peered inside the door were able to see something unusual going on, Cooper said.

One or more of them may have called 911.

Bauer allegedly forced the pharmacist to open the front door and told him to pull up a car in which he could flee. When he opened the door, the pharmacist shouted at people outside to "run, he has a gun," Cooper said.

Three sheriff's detectives were the first law enforcement personnel on scene. A deputy in a marked patrol car soon joined them.

"As detectives approached the door, the suspect runs out pointing his gun," Cooper said. "One jumps out of the way.

"The suspect heads toward the marked patrol car just pulling up, firing multiple shots. The deputy backs up to get out of the line of fire as detectives begin firing."

Bauer was hit by at least three bullets. He allegedly fired 10 shots, nine of them outside the drug store.

Bauer was taken to Kingman Regional Medical Center, where KPD detectives were able to interview him before he was airlifted to University Medical Center in Las Vegas. Cooper had no information this morning on Bauer's condition.

The three detectives involved in the shooting have been assigned administrative duties until a preliminary review of the incident is made by the Mohave County Attorney's Office, MCSO spokeswoman Trish Carter said.

Nobody inside the business was injured, nor were any law enforcement personnel hurt.

Bauer, if he survives, faces probable charges of armed robbery, four counts of kidnapping, and assault on law enforcement personnel with a deadly weapon.