To leaders and protectors of our city

Whether we approach you one on one or as a group, you need to listen to what is asked of you. But it seems you have deaf ears. What does it take for you to understand what is happening to our city? Maybe it's not as bad here today as in other cities, but it is coming. I, for one, want to do something about our problem before it gets out of hand. Why can't we stop it before it gets so bad it's hard to control or fix?

What I am referring to are the illegal aliens that are here or on their way. You know there will be problems. Imagine how upset the people of Kingman will be when you had time to stop it before it started and did nothing. It should not be looked down on because you were first approached by a group called the Minutemen. I know how someone's ego may be offended because you may see this as you are being challenged. But you are not; we are all only trying as many ways as possible to get this taken care of before it gets beyond the city control.

Can you not see what has happened in so many cites already? What will it take before you do something? I have known in the past that most jump right in only if someone personally has been affected. So since nothing has happened to any of you, you figure it does not concern you yet. But you have been affected already! How? Look at what has happened to other cities, and we here are paying for it through our taxes. Most of you live in a neighborhood where it is doubtful you may never have a home with 10 to 20 or more illegals living next to you. But the rest of the town is open for that possibility.

So here is the situation. It's not in my neighborhood, so I do not care. Thanks for watching out for me! Please rethink what has been suggested and work with us, as we will with you.

If these requests are not really usable, then let's come up with ones that are. How about having a volunteer group appointed by the city and ruled by you to go to all businesses to check them to make sure they are not hiring illegals. If they cannot work, then they will not need a place to live, simple as that. These volunteers would cost you very little. And whatever that cost is, I would believe the people of Kingman would donate to cover any expense.

So are we going to fix it now so our children will not have to deal with it? I, for one, care. Do you?

Edward S. Pontillo