Has anyone seen my blood pressure medication?

I've got to quit getting so mad at everything. That's what my doctor tells me. He told me he has read my columns, and he thinks I'm going to short-circuit pretty soon. He has suggested that I write about things I like, things that make me feel calm and content. I told him I would try.

But you know, it's really hard to be content when you see the city, county, state and country you live in going to hell in a handbasket. More than ever before, complete morons are making dumb decisions that adversely affect our lives and the lives our children will someday try to lead. How can one country house so many idiots? It must be public education.

One thing that really burns my butt is the fact that stupid Democrats, who recently came to power on a platform of improving some of the brainless decisions of the past, are intent on wasting the next two years on revenge. They are still upset that Bubba got impeached, so they plan to hold countless hearings to find out who is responsible for the mess in Iraq.

Here, let me save you some time. George W. Bush is responsible. Dick Cheney is responsible. Donald Rumsfeld is responsible. Congress is responsible. There you go, Sen. Biden. There's no need to subpoena the entire nation. We already know who to blame. Big deal. Americans want action; they want solutions. The Republicans had none. We were kind of hoping you guys had some. Hearings will not protect our borders. Hearings will not avoid another 9-11. Hearings will not protect Social Security or provide affordable drugs to seniors or reduce unemployment. If we wanted our Congress to waste time on crap like keeping Terri Schiavo alive, we would have stayed with the status quo.

Oh no! This column is not going well at all. Now I'm really mad. OK. Focus. Get a grip. Think positive. Hey, Christmas is right around the corner. I love Christmas. Can we still say that? I was given a "Have a merry Christmas" by a Wal-Mart employee the other night. That was refreshing. He said it after I thanked him for ringing up my purchase. I didn't even register it until I was at the other end of the store.

I just don't understand when Christmas became taboo. This political correctness thing is ruining this country. You can't say anything anymore without offending some oversensitive crybaby. I'm not a religious guy by any means, but I have no problem seeing Nativity scenes or crosses or anything else Christian before, during or after the holiday season. Heck, the guy across the street from my house has large crosses with lights on them in his front yard. I think they're great. I love Christmas music, especially the old classics about Baby Jesus or the little drummer boy. Atheists really need to get a life. Put some of that wasted energy into making your community better for EVERYONE. Feel free to celebrate whatever holiday you believe in every December. Just don't tell me I can't celebrate mine, in public, with the people who believe the same as I do.

There I go again. My blood pressure is maxing out. Even thinking about Christmas upsets me. OK. Let's switch it up. Let's see. You know, there are a lot of people around here who do a lot of great things in this community. We try to feature those folks in the paper as much as we can. And not just individuals. There are wonderful businesses and non-profits here that hold fundraisers and public events that make this town a great place to call home. Good people in this community work countless hours and donate countless dollars to projects to help those less fortunate.

And then there's the ones, mostly elected "representatives," who continually make decisions counter to the majority. I could cite dozens of examples in the city, county and state, but I'd have to take up this whole page and the next one just to scratch the surface. Read the Miner pretty much any day to find an example. For instance, our county Board of Supervisors are set to make two brainless decisions real soon. The first could happen tomorrow, when they revisit the county matrix plan, the same one they said was dead just a few months ago. If you own a small tract of land, their decision could cost you thousands of dollars in the near future. Their timing is perfect. The meeting is in Lake Havasu City, so I guess they figure that residents and Realtors won't bother to drive 45 minutes to oppose their ignorance.

The second is even better. After voting down two large development plans at their "annual" permit meeting, which should have killed those two projects for one year, they almost immediately decided to revisit their decisions, I guess after the developers sweetened the pot. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying the Supes were paid off, but I find it highly suspicious that a couple of supervisors did a complete about-face after denying the permits just a couple of days prior. It reminded me of Kingman Mayor Les Byram's surprising switch on Kingman Crossing. After getting into office and talking with developers, he all of a sudden began touting that worthless project. Here's a project, Les. Put damn sidewalks in! I'm sick of seeing people wading through the dirt/sand next to roads.

Rats! I did it again. I just don't know how I can write about "good" stuff when there's so many things that make me so mad. Either I've got to move to the Bahamas ... or find another doctor.