Board approves CDBG priorities

KINGMAN – The Mohave County Board of Supervisors approved the proposed priority projects for the FY 2006 Community Development Block Grant Program at their meeting Monday.

Different groups submitted 21 projects during the Jan. 5 meeting. Projects included anything from the historic preservation of the Old Mohave County Hospital to purchasing new fire fighting equipment at five separate fire stations.

Spanning the three districts, eight programs were recommended to receive priority.

Mohave County will receive approximately $640,235 to disperse among chosen projects. Each project has to meet a list of criteria, not the least of which is the need to assist low- and moderate-income residents. The projects also are given an 18-month timeframe in which to complete their project.

The Community and Economic Development Department recommended that the money be dispersed four ways. An allocation of $115,242 should go toward Mohave County General Administration. This allocation would cover the costs of administrating the CDBG funds over a two-year period. The three districts in Mohave County will split the remaining money equally, each getting approximately $174,998.

Priority was given in District 1 to purchase a fire engine for the Hualapai Fire District, purchase a rescue vehicle for Chloride Fire District and for owner-occupied housing rehabilitation for low-income residents in District 1.

Priority in District 2 was given to the construction of a new fire station in Golden Valley and owner-occupied housing rehabilitation for low-income residents within District 2. The Golden Valley Fire Department proposed putting the new fire station near the Walnut Creek subdivision area.

The remodeling and architectural design of the existing Golden Shores Civic Association Community Center and owner-occupied housing rehabilitation for District 3 low-income residents earned priority in District 3.

Many of these projects will require a special survey to determine the percentage of low- and moderate-income population before earning final approval.

The Community and Economic Development Department will now proceed to complete all requirements for the grant applications before choosing the final projects to be sent to the state for approval.