Speak Up! - 02/16/06

Letters to the Editor

Animals need an area of refuge

To the Editor:

Don Martin’s column on The Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge was a series of contradictions, starting with the title.

It would seem the idea behind a wildlife refuge is to create an area within the natural habitat of various species of animals – not the human kind – to allow them to flourish without the threat of being hunted and killed by humans. Ideally, there should be no humans allowed within a wildlife refuge if their purpose there is to hunt.

Hiking, photography, exploring – any activity of a non-violent nature would be allowed as long as the animals that live there aren’t threatened.

There are probably millions of acres in this country that are open to hunters that find pleasure in killing other creatures for fun – or sport as it is often called. Due to the overpopulation of the human species, others are being crowded out and habitats lost.

As the supposed caretakers of planet Earth, shouldn’t we try to provide some areas of refuge where the rest of the animal kingdom can live in some sense of normalcy? At least until we pollute our environment sufficiently so that nothing survives.

And no, I’ve never hugged a tree – but for some strange reason, I think we should try our best to respect the lives of all God’s creatures. Why is it that the most advanced species on the planet is the only one that kills for pleasure?

Dirk Lehew