Speak Up! - 02/22/06

Letters to the Editor

Residents paying heavy price for growth

There have been several articles in the paper over the last couple weeks that have me greatly concerned. Questions over infrastructure and water to accommodate new developments and who is going to pay for it. Many people who have voiced opposition to the density of growth being approved believe no one is listening.

County Manager Ron Walker did a masterful job of side-stepping the issue when he dodged the water use by new developments, stating the county had no control over groundwater use. That may be true, but the county does have control over the density of approved developments.

There is no reason to go high-density when the water availability question has never been fully answered. The biggest question is the recharge rate, and it has never been resolved.

The City Council is shopping a contract for a well and storage tank near Rattlesnake Wash. I quote “to help serve proposed developments in northeast Kingman.” I hope you realize the current citizens of Kingman are paying for some of this, and the underpass at Airway. These are directly related to the proposed development in that area. What happened to the concept of developers paying for their own infrastructure? The City Council is also proposing an increase in the sales tax to increase revenue to pay for infrastructure projects which benefit new developments. What happened to all the projects that would enhance the city for current residents?

The County Board of Supervisors just approved a 10-percent wage increase for county and court workers. It was stated as a need to bring the wages up to par with other areas. That may be important, but the rest of the workers privately employed in Mohave County would like to have that kind of increase also. We need an increase just to keep up with the expense of paying for the giveaways at the county and city level. Many residents can’t afford to buy a home and live here anymore. Have you looked at your new property assessment valuation? Mine went through the roof.

This, my neighbors, is a fast downhill slide to disaster. I am not a resident of the city of Kingman, so I cannot vote there. You can, and you can stop this from happening to all of us. I can and do vote in county elections; I am one voice but there must be more out there who care about what Kingman becomes. We don’t need to become a suburb of Vegas or Phoenix. We don’t have to become the third largest metropolitan city in Arizona as projected. Vote, and please vote No.

Toni King