Speak Up! - 02/23/06

Letters to the Editor

Environment key in upcoming election

I want to raise an important issue during these upcoming elections, that is, paving of the city streets. I think we should support the candidate who is committed to the environmental cleanliness. If you live on a dirt road, you can easily understand what I am trying to say.

Have you ever noticed a large cloud of dust behind a school bus when it stops on a dirt road to pick up and drop off children? The airways of the children are very sensitive to foreign objects like large particles of dust, which can cause respiratory infections. Every time I am walking along the dirt road, the vehicles blow up so much dirt that it becomes difficult to breathe. When it rains, all that mud enters your homes.

I hope mayoral race and City Council candidates will pay attention to this very common problem of “dirt” in Kingman.

Attiya Salim, M.D.


Math on closing Louise doesn’t add up

I sure wish the mayor and Council would get honest with us. Mayor Monica Gates stated that the main reason for closing Louise was because of all the traffic that was on Louise and that it would ruin a quiet neighborhood. If there is in fact 9,000 cars traveling Louise each day, it doesn’t make any sense to close one crossing and open another. I think that might be taking a step backwards.

If you divided these 9,000 cars in half, 4,500 to Airway and 4,500 to Stockton Hill Road, by way of Hualapai Mountain Road, what a mess this will be. If Louise is left open, the traffic will be reduced as the result of having a third crossing. If Louise is closed, you still have only two crossings. Do the math.

The reason for the closing of Louise is not for the betterment of the neighborhood or to relieve the traffic problem. It is all about money! If it was just a matter of closing a crossing, then they could close one downtown that hardly has a 1,000 cars a week cross it. The railroad wants this closed because of the siding that is near Louise. If they have to give up that siding, they will lose a lot of money. On the other hand, when Louise is closed and the new Airway underpass is opened, the developers, contractors and land owners will profit.

Traffic is a big problem, and Mrs. Gates stated that the congestion on Stockton Hill is from lack of planning in the previous years. Tom Webster said it well when he said there is no plan for the entering of 4,500 more cars each day onto Hualapai Mountain Road. This has nothing to do with past planning but rather lack of planning in the present. There are other ways to get the Kingman Crossing done without selling out to the railroad. I think our previous mayor had a pretty good plan that would solve a lot of our problems that have come about during this present mayor’s and Council’s reign.

So often we have heard the people voice their opinions against the crossing and other agenda items, only to have the Council unanimously vote against what the people want. It is our turn to vote for what we want. They will have to listen to our votes at the polls. I see one of Mrs. Gates’ campaign signs at the Louise crossing on railroad property. I wonder if Mr. Byram will be allowed to put one of his campaign signs on railroad property?

Phil Sanders