Retirement community OK’d

Neighbors not opposed to plan, but object to new road running through it

KINGMAN – A retirement community and accepting payment in lieu of street improvements were on the minds of residents at Monday’s City Council meeting.

Residents on and around Riata Valley Road have not opposed a planned retirement community, just the road that runs through it.

Memorial Peterson North neighborhood would contain individual cottages for seniors as well as dependent-care apartments and an Alzheimer’s care unit located on 47 acres west of Western Avenue between Airway Avenue and Riata Valley Road. The plat, which Council approved on Monday, includes a new road called Peterson to run through the middle of the project connecting Airway and Riata Valley.

Residents in the area told the Planning & Zoning Commission last month that they never received notification in the mail of the rezoning of the property. On Monday, one of those residents, Tom Comins, shared his concerns about the amount of traffic the project would add.

Development Services Director Gary Jeppson said that according to industry estimates, the retirement community would average four vehicle trips per day as opposed to 10 per day for single family homes.

“What’s really important here and the reason why we need three roads is because this is a retirement community with elderly people and there’s going to be emergency vehicles entering and exiting and we need those entrances and exits,” project engineer William Miller told Council.

Also on Monday, resident Lloyd Peterson, who lives on Marlene Avenue, asked Council why the owner of a property set for construction is charged about $43

less to defer building sidewalks and curbs than the residents of the Marlene Improvement District are paying to have those improvements added.

A resident is proposing to build a 720-square-foot commercial storage building on the 2100 block of Kingman Avenue. The City Engineering Department calculated the cost of constructing 59 feet of curb, gutter and sidewalk to be $1,711. Staff recommended accepting the cash since the street is largely developed already.

According to Peterson’s estimates, residents in the Marlene Improvement District are paying about $72 per linear foot. The resident proposing to build on Kingman Avenue is paying about $29 per linear foot.

“This $29 doesn’t cover the concrete costs,” Peterson said. “Somebody is going to wind up subsidizing this if they ever do create an improvement district over there.”

City Engineer Pete Johnson said the administrative costs associated with improvement districts are part of the higher price tag, as is the cost of concrete to widen streets in the Marlene Improvement District.

“We did not include anything in addition to the estimated cost of curbs and sidewalks,” he said referring to his calculation for the Kingman Avenue property.

Council approved the preliminary plat for the retirement community but tabled the resolution to accept payment in lieu of the street improvements until more information could be provided to them.

In other Council news, beginning Aug. 7, the Council meetings will be moved back an hour to begin at 6 p.m. to better accommodate Council member’s schedules.

No one spoke at two public hearings set for rezoning requests so Council approved them unanimously. The first is for three lots from residential-manufactured homes to residential low density, multiple family. The site is located on the corner of Mohave Avenue and W. Madison Street. The second is to rezone nearly 52 acres from rural residential to residential-single family, 6,000-square-foot minimum. The land in question is located east of Mohave Community College between Jagerson Avenue and Grace Neal Boulevard.

The city will be holding a public auction to sell a parcel of land located at the Kingman Airport Industrial Park at 5 p.m. on July 17. The parcel is 10.321 acres and valued at $674,374.

Council tabled discussion on the alarm ordinance, a request to modify an entrance to Walleck Ranch and the exchange of city property until next month’s meeting. Councilman Kerry Deering was absent.