The Board of Supervisors tables decision on Rhodes’ water tanks

KINGMAN – Concerns over the amount of water available in Golden Valley postponed a decision again regarding three one-million-gallon storage tanks proposed for Rhodes Homes’ master-planned community, Golden Valley South.

The Mohave County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Monday to postpone a decision on the proposal to make sure water adequacy had been proven to service the three tanks.

Many Golden Valley residents were concerned that the usage of these tanks would allow Rhodes to drain the water in the aquifer and hinder the availability for current residents.

Susan Bayer said that there has been a known problem in Golden Valley, especially within the Golden Valley Improvement District 1, regarding water. Rhodes also has not, she said, gotten approval from the Arizona Corporation Commission for their water company, making this seem to her like a backdoor effort to start his community and water company without proper permits, she said.

Robert Holisinger agreed that any decision on this proposal would be premature. Wait until the ACC makes a decision, he said. Holisinger also expressed concern that three tanks would just be the beginning of what he called a water tank farm.

Three tanks, he said, would not be sufficient to serve all of the houses proposed for the project.

At least 12 like-sized tanks would be needed, he said.

A definitive finding as to whether or not adequate water exists for the property should occur prior to a decision regarding this issue.

Rhodes Homes has already received water adequacy for 9,000 acre-feet of water per year, Christine Ballard, Mohave County Planning and Zoning director, reminded the Board.

While Rhodes has said that the finding from the Arizona Department of Water Resources falls approximately 7,000 acre-feet short of full build out, Rhodes continues to work on finding further evidence of water adequacy, and this finding is sufficient for these three tanks.

The Planning and Zoning Commission initially approved the proposal at their March 8 meeting.

It was then heard at the April 3 meeting of the Board of Supervisors. At that meeting, they sent it back to the Commission for further review.

At their June 14 meeting, the Commission looked to resolve concerns the Board had regarding height and esthetics and once again sent it forward to the Board with a recommendation of approval.

The Board postponed the decision until their next meeting, scheduled for July 24, so they could determine final water adequacy issues regarding these three tanks.

Rhodes will have another evidentiary hearing in front of the ACC on July 31 regarding their water company, Perkins Mountain Water Company, proposed to service both the Golden Valley and the White Hills master-planned communities.