Temperatures soar past triple digits

KINGMAN – On the tail end of the first monsoon wave comes high temperatures for the area.

Expect it to be hot – really hot – this weekend, with a heat advisory on Saturday, according to the National Weather Service in Las Vegas.

The Weather Service expects temperatures to rise to 106 today, to 107 on Saturday, then 106 on Sunday, NWS Meteorologist Clay Morgan said.

“We have an excessive heat watch for Saturday. We may be right at the threshold for our criteria on that for Saturday,” Morgan said.

Morgan said beyond Saturday, the area may experience more monsoon activity coming from the southeast, increasing clouds and chances of rain that will knock temperatures back down.

Monsoons occur from a seasonal reversal of wind coming from the southeast bringing moisture from the sub-tropics, particularly from the Gulf of California, he said.

The heat is caused by a big bubble of high pressure that has built over the region, Morgan said.

“We finally flushed out all the moisture that we’ve been dealing with towards the end of June, first of July, but when you get rid of moisture, it makes the air a little easier to heat up, it takes a little less heat energy to heat up dry air than it does to heat up moist air, so the temperatures are a problem,” he said.