Latest immigration bill doesn’t address the real problems

I looked out my window at the strange sight of Senators John McCain and Ted Kennedy walking in step behind Presidents Vicente Fox and George W. Bush. This immigration “fight” (I call it suicide) in the U.S. Senate certainly created strange bedfellows.

Bush wants to welcome all the Mexican illegals to become U.S. citizens and Republican voters. Fox likes coming to the U.S. to greet his citizens and encourage them to invite their relatives and friends to leave their home country. “Just send money home,” he tells them. And they send more than $20 billion each year.

Kennedy and McCain make a strange pair as co-authors of the Senate immigration bill. Kennedy also wrote the “No Child Left Behind” bill that he now criticizes Bush for signing. McCain’s other claim to fame is the campaign finance bill written with Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold. That “restriction” on campaign finance opened the door for George Soros to create 527 funding that allowed him to spend a reported $50 million in an effort to defeat Bush.

Imagine, McCain wants to run for president on a Republican ticket. You will remember McCain was invited to be John Kerry’s vice president.

So, we got a crazy, liberal Senate immigration bill from a Republican “controlled” Senate where the majority of Republicans voted against the bill (23 yes vs. 32 no). Democrats voted 38 yes vs. 4 no.

If it is essential for Republicans to pass an immigration bill to hold majorities in Congress, why are the Democrats so helpful?

The Senate bill has at least two gaping holes that a 2,000 mile, 100 foot high fence along the Mexican border cannot close.

First, as long as employers are given amnesty for 20 plus years of deliberate violation of laws passed in 1986 that prohibit hiring of illegals, illegals will pour across the border.

Why do stores lock up the cigarettes to control sales? Why do banks keep the money in a vault? Why do stores have burglar alarms? Why do stores put theft proof buttons on merchandise? Why do you have locks on your doors?

The answer – to remove the temptation from those who would be easily tempted and make it as difficult as possible for those prone to break the law.

The Senate immigration bill actually gives amnesty to all employers who have broken the law since 1986 and gives them three more years to break the law before enforcement begins.

The second gaping hole is money sent to Mexico by the illegals. Shut down this flow of dollars to Mexico. The sum has grown to more than $20 BILLION per year. That is as much as all the oil exports bring to Mexico. The sum sent home by illegals continues to grow and supports a large portion of the 105 million people that still live in Mexico.

We limit the amount of money sent out of this country to $10,000 per time. Why not restrict the amount Mexicans can send home? Western Union is making huge profits now and would be upset.

Imagine if you can, a country where one in six citizens work illegally in their neighbors’ country and send the money home to support President Fox’s poor people. What a leader? No wonder he is in the U.S. telling us how we should invite the remainder of his people to live here.

In fact, the new Senate bill will allow the extended families of illegals already in the U.S. to come here legally. Some people estimate that could be 80 million more Mexicans in the U.S. over the next 10 years.

That leaves just 25 million residents still in Presidente Fox’s country to receive regular payments from the U.S.

Could that mean $160 billion sent back to the remaining 25 million residents of Mexico while those here run up school, health care and welfare costs?

Will Fox need to hold Mexican elections on this side of the border where his people will then be living?

Those are the two major missing parts of the illegal immigration discussion: amnesty for employers and sending money to Mexico.

Shut down the temptation by enforcing the laws that make it illegal for employers to hire these people.

The meatpacking and carpet manufacturing industries have already become low wage non-union jobs taken by illegals.

The janitorial union in Los Angeles is rife with members illegally in the U.S. Why give those employers amnesty?

Why keep our balance of payments high by allowing the illegals to send more than half their earnings to Mexico?

The largest holes are not in the border fence. They might be in the heads of our senators.