Speak Up! - 03/10/06

Letters to the Editor

Now is the time to be heard

First, I would like to thank the Miner and its staff for the timely and informative articles on the upcoming elections. March 14, primary day, is fast approaching, and an informed electorate is our defense against the misrepresentation we, the residents of Kingman, have had to endure these past two years.

It has become painfully obvious that many of the people elected to the City Council, and in particular, the mayor’s office, are not fulfilling their sworn duties to protect their constituents’ interests but seem to be bent on handing the city’s keys to any developer waving large amounts of greenbacks in their faces.

Now, I’m not accusing anyone of wrongdoings, but the whiff of impropriety does hang heavy over most of this group, and the only way to clear the air is to vote the incumbents out of office and hope that the new faces in the mayor’s office and on the Council will take City Hall’s foot off the accelerator and apply the brakes to what appears to be a runaway city government.

The only incumbent member of the Council worthy of re-election is Ray Lyons since he has no other job than council member and his decisions seem to lean toward looking out for the little guy. We do need a few more Council members who can devote their full time to their elected positions and it appears Janet Watson may fill that bill. She has been doing her due diligence, becoming acquainted with the various departments in city government, and she seems to be sympathetic to the plight of those of us who have gone before the Council with reasonable arguments against the giveaways to the mega-developers descending on our fair town, only to be turned away by a Council that appeared to have their collective minds made up before the meeting came to order.

Speak to your neighbors and fellow workers and impress upon them that this is our opportunity to take Kingman back from those who only care about what they can gain from the sell-out we have experienced. Get out and vote and reclaim Kingman from the special interests that threaten to ruin our beautiful city. Vote on March 14.

Mike Bihuniak


Money is out there if county works for it

This is in response to the county officials being concerned about tax relief. It’s about time. I lived in California when Prop. 13 went into effect and all the gloom and doom forecasts did not happen. What did happen was that elderly people didn’t have to sell their homes because of the taxes. When you buy a home, you buy it for a place to live, not always as an investment to make money every year the county wants money. They can raise the taxes when the property is sold as the higher tax rate would kick in at that time.

Let’s face it. The Sheriff’s Office needs revamping. Mohave County is too big and should be split into two sections. As for Planning and Zoning, if they would get off their chairs and get out of the office and do the work they get paid to do, they could collect a lot more tax money. All they have to do is work one town a month and find out how many lots have more than one family living on it in addition to trailers, etc. This includes Golden Valley, White Hills, Dolan Springs and Meadview. They could recoup a lot of money. As for the developers, let them pay the expenses to build roads, etc. It is done in many cities. Builders are the ones who make the profit!

John Janik

Dolan Springs