City wish list: $94M for roads

KINGMAN – City Council and staff are scheduled to receive on April 3 the preliminary budget and five-year capital improvements program with capital projects totaling $238 million. Discussions begin in the first scheduled work session on April 10.

The city issued last month the current estimate of capital project costs financed through debt, grants, development fees, public-private agreements such as the Airway Underpass, the operating budget, or from state participation/funding.

Projects are listed in the areas of flood control, sanitation, sewer, water, public safety, parks and recreation, streets and facilities.

Street projects top the list with a $94,866,000 price tag. The Rattlesnake Wash Interchange is the largest project with two phases estimated to be $19 million and $12 million respectively. The projects will fluctuate in cost relative to the price of materials and labor estimates – the Arizona Department of Transportation is reportedly raising project estimates 25 percent in the next couple of years.

Twenty-three other projects include Bank Street widening, eastside improvements in connection to the new Airway crossing and four Stockton Hill Road widening projects.

The Bank Street project is carried over to the new five-year plan because construction will not bid out until May.

Facilities needs are next on the list in dollar terms, with City Hall expansion at the top costing $14,526 million.

A space needs study for city facilities currently underway identifies additional room needed beyond the capacity of the City Complex, built in 1972, and the other three downtown service buildings, Engineering, Planning and Building and the Courthouse.

The project estimates costs at $180 per square-foot for design and construction, subject to change by the study analysis.

The $61 million estimate for facilities needs lists 15 other projects, including reconstructing Fire Station 2 on Andy Devine Avenue, a 911 communications center for police and fire to handle increased call volume and municipal court facilities for $6.4 million.

Water and sewer needs in the five-year plan have an estimated cost of $51.5 million. That includes upgrading or replacing both wastewater facilities as required by a consent order from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.

Public Works additionally has about $10.4 million in flood control projects scoped through 2011.

Parks and Recreation list 18 projects that include Lewis Kingman Park expansion, neighborhood parks in the Camelback and Vista Bella areas as well as an East Bench regional park, and a multi-purpose community center.

Public Works Director Jack Kramer said he listed projects in priority, but it will ultimately be up to the Council to decide which are most important in all departments.

He said priorities for public works would be eastside improvements related to opening Airway, Stockton Hill widening projects, addressing the wastewater facilities and two new water production wells.