Speak Up! - 03/29/06

Letters to the Editor

Where there’s growth, there’s change

I would like to address those who are complaining about the growth of Kingman. Kingman is not the only area experiencing growth. Growth is all around us. Because we are the city in the center of growth, it appears we are the only ones growing.

The current mayor, Monica Gates, faced numerous problems when she came to office. Building codes and grading requirements which were outdated, homes built with septic tanks instead of sewer systems, and traffic congestion due to lights which were not synchronized on Stockton Hill Road. These are just a few of the problems she had to deal with after the previous administration did little or nothing to keep up with the growth that was occurring.

Along with growth come changes. We have seen this in all areas of our city and government. Areas are being developed with new industry and housing as well as new staff members are being hired who come with new visions and new ideas. I am excited to be living in a city that is experiencing vibrant growth that will bring new commercial and industrial growth. This growth is happening because we have a mayor and staff with vision.

Shirley Judd


Water sources must be protected

I’m writing to inform citizens about the harmful effects areawide of the five massive Rhodes Homes developments proposed for various regions of Mohave County. This is a topic that should concern every county resident for multiple reasons. Everyone will be affected negatively by Rhodes and his population-tripling proposed “new cities,” consisting of nearly 140,000 homes on 20,000-plus acres. Here’s how:

Groundwater is the only water source available for the developments, as the Colorado River is fully allocated elsewhere. If use exceeds the carrying capacity of the aquifers, then depletion of water will occur for everyone on the aquifer, not just those who buy into Rhodes developments. Without water, property values will crash countywide but most severely in the Kingman, Golden Valley and Dolan Springs – areas nearest the Rhodes developments.

For those in the river cities who are on shares of river water, your assessed values will go down by association and national negative press. You will also be expected to perform your share of a desperation taxpayer bailout of Kingman and the five “new cities” – assuming that an alternative water supply can be uncovered and delivered in time.

These five developments will triple the county’s existing 2006 population and require massive infrastructural improvements of every conceivable type that will be taxpayer-funded by everyone here already. Is this fair? I think not!

If you think that the roads and waterways are crowded now, just wait until another half-million or so others come to join in the fun. Watch the blue sky disappear under a brown pollution cloud, energy prices soar as our already torrid summers get worse under the urban heat island effect, and open vistas drown in urban clutter. Did you all want this region to become just like the very same places you so recently moved from?

Golden Valley South is located less than six miles from an enormous water user, the totally inappropriately-placed Griffith Energy Project power plant, which uses at least 4.3 million gallons of water daily from the same aquifer. GEP is the senior user of the water rights in the event of conflicts, leaving Rhodes and close to 10,000 existing Golden Valley households high and dry without any replacement supply. Remember, the Colorado River is all used up, and even if it weren’t, it lies at least 2,000 feet lower and 30-plus miles away. The bust cycle will be magnificent by all measures and there is little likelihood for a rescue operation. These areas will start to become ghost towns in 25 to 30 years under this type of immense growth pressure.

You can register your opposition to this impending economic and environmental catastrophe with the Arizona Corporation Commission, which is the last agency with the legal capacity to stop Rhodes’ ill-conceived projects. Rhodes needs ACC permission to operate the Perkins Mountain Water Company to supply the Golden Valley South Project with water. Without that, the projects are halted until water adequacy can be determined. Please contact Commissioner Kristen Mayes at kmayes@azcc.gov to stop your future from being inadvertently tied to the Rhodes anvil as it sinks into a dry well hole. Thank you.

Jan Emming


Controversial cartoons should be published

I’m writing to say that, as a member of the media in a free society, you have a responsibility to publish the controversial cartoons on Islamofascism.

I can understand the indignation of having your religion, and your religious leaders, portrayed in unflattering, even blasphemous, ways by secularists in the mainstream media. It happens to Christians all the time in America and Europe.

But indignation is never an excuse for violence. And threats of violence need to be “resisted” in free nations. And the best form of resistance to Islamofascist threats here? Publish the cartoons.

As freedom-loving people, we need to resist the Islamofascists on all fronts. In solidarity with the people of free Europe and in support of the concept of freedom of the press, you need to publish the Danish cartoons. Thank you.

Gerald Vertrees

Golden Valley

Vigorously prosecute hate crimes

This letter is in response to a Crime and Fire report on March 10. Having met this victim and knowing the real story, I would like to ask how long is Kingman and The Daily Miner going to hide from the truth? This was a vicious, bigotry-motivated hate crime on a young black female, who stands all of 5-feet, 2-inches tall. Her big crime? The defendant didn’t like the color of her skin. The 45-year-old man who attacked this woman needs to get a life. Does he not have anything better to do with himself than to harass black women?

I too am a black American who lives in Kingman. I have been harassed and targeted by white supremacists. The fact that I am a hard-working taxpayer who has never been arrested, am not on drugs, have served in the United States Army and have brought nothing but positive things to this community, does not matter. I am constantly harassed by these self-proclaimed “superior beings.”

The Butler area is crawling with these criminals, and I truly hope something can be done before Kingman, once again, makes national headlines for the wrong reasons. Is this really the image we want to portray to the rest of America? For those who are thinking, if you don’t like it leave, “Wrong Answer!” I have a great job, good friends, many supporters and economic ties in this community. I will not be leaving anytime soon. The answer is to report these criminals and make sure they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I must say, if these criminals are what are considered superior white Americans, we are all in big trouble.

Lanette Perkins