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Speak Up! - 05/04/06

Letters to the Editor

City, county can halt illegal immigration

I would like to offer some food for thought. If we want to permanently fix the illegal immigration problem, forget the fences, the National Guard and deportation of masses. Local elected officials are empowered to provide a great service toward fixing the illegal alien problem by taking away the aid and bait.

While an inept Congress works to undermine our immigration laws and draft a conditional surrender of our sovereignty, we at the local level can inspire a movement to form a “Homeland Defense Alliance” to work toward a permanent solution to the mass migration into America. City by city, county by county, and state by state, we the people can accomplish what Congress does not have the backbone to attempt. To accomplish such a feat, local county and city elected officials can draft a resolution to further empower local police authority to arrest those who aid and transport illegal aliens, can further empower local utilities with authority to demand verification of legal resident status before providing services, and can further empower building, health and fire marshal inspectors not only with authority to verify the plumbing, wiring and facilities are safe and legal but that employees are documented as legal residents as well.

Along with authority to verify legal status of employees, inspectors must have authority to suspend building or operating permits until employers provide documentation of employee legal status or remove illegal employees from the workplace. And it must be mandated that inspectors immediately notify state Homeland Security officials of employer infractions. Since the I.C.E. agents of Homeland Security are few in number and cannot concentrate on a wide area in search of employers who employ illegal aliens, we of the Homeland Defense Alliance could provide a great service in helping to locate employer infractions and discourage illegal entry into America. The resolution may also include setting up a silent witness hotline to be operated through local drug enforcement operators, as drugs and illegal aliens often go together. And it also must be made clear that the Homeland Defense Alliance is not opposed to immigration, and we welcome all who enter America legally, no matter the country of their origin.

Although Mohave County may be remembered as the birth place of the Homeland Defense Alliance, it will not be very effective unless hundreds of other cities and counties around the nation join in the alliance, so we must quickly recruit and get the word out.

In the meantime, I challenge our elected county and city officials from Kingman, Bullhead City and Lake Havasu City to respond to my proposal. Their response may indicate where they stand on the illegal alien issue.

Ellis Baumgarner


Incorporation groups get half the picture

Referring to the March 15 speech of Mr. Tom Belshe, the paid pitchman from the League of Arizona Cities, we would like to point out several mistakes. First of all, his proposed budget, which he stated that Golden Valley would receive about $1.7 million from the Arizona Lottery, is a dream! The group or groups (How many nowadays?) trying to keep enough members to hold meetings would have to actually win the Lottery to get such a sum.

At Mr. Belshe’s first meeting with one of the groups, he stated that the proposed budget for Golden Valley was about $1.3 million. At the March 15 meeting, he stated the budget would be about $3.3 million. He really tried to paint a glamorous picture for those few who attended the meeting. He stated that a city could impose a sales tax without the people’s vote. He failed to tell them that a city can also impose a tax to pay salaries or maintain roads or equipment without the people’s vote. He also didn’t tell them that a city government can take their land by eminent domain.

No wonder the group or groups are so confused and misguided.

We, the largest group of voters in Golden Valley, do not believe such confused and misguided group or groups are capable of managing a city.

Protect your family and your property by refusing to support these groups who can’t decide on anything! Thank you.

Virgil Heath

Golden Valley